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 Kuitian Wang, System Verification Engineer: “Keep learning new things and experience local customs and practices.”



As many career starters, I know how it feels to be anxious and nervous. But it is crossing a bridge before one comes to it. Let’s talk about my experiences. Hopefully, this will help some of you to approach a new job a bit more relaxed.

I graduated from university last year and was hired by Continental as a system verification engineer. This means I started out as a newcomer. In the beginning, I definitely felt insecure. However, our company employs many employees my age. Thus, it was easy to find topics to talk about and people to talk to. This helped a lot! After getting to know people, it is very easy to join the group quickly. In total, our department has thirteen colleagues, but our team consists of only three members.  They include the team leader, another colleague – and me. Our relationship is really good. Having similar hobbies surely helps. All of us like racing, soccer and basketball and we often get together at the weekend, as well.

I am really glad to have such a great supervisor. Instead of being taught fixed ways to approach tasks, I am given the freedom to try things my own way – making mistakes included. After all, only by making mistakes you are able to find solutions by yourself! But, of course, I can always ask my supervisor for help if I need it. One time, I got stuck working on software because I had made a mistake. I tried to fix the problem many times, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. At that time, my supervisor was sitting next to me and I was afraid he might blame me. But instead he just told me to take it easy and to think about how I had mastered the procedure in the past. This kind of encouragement makes me feel like a valuable member of the team.

My supervisor not only gives me lots opportunities to perform but also the feeling that I cannot be replaced too easily. For example, we often display products for our customers. Once, I attended a car display in 4u1b0456Beijing.  To events like this, we bring two cars. The car in the back is the test car, equipped with a new system we show to our customers. The car in the front is the target car (to show how the system works). Before, I had always been responsible for the cars in the front, as it is the much easier task. You don’t have to communicate with customers. That time, our team leader came to me and asked whether I wanted to drive the test car in the back and to introduce it to the dsc_9026customers. After I had agreed, he showed me how to prepare.
The day after, I was very tired, but the accomplishment was definitely worth it!

Another example involves meeting-situations. In the beginning, I only listened to the others talk. But after a while, my supervisor started asking for my opinion and encouraged me to share my ideas. If ideas are helpful they get implemented, regardless of the employee’s position.

As a conclusion I can say that everyone is always honest to each other. Also, having a clear division of tasks gives everyone fields of expertise. This makes working in a team very pleasant and effective. Let’s keep going.

Kuitian Wang

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  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing your experience and for encouraging words to fellow employees.

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