The production of perimeter boards and the set-up of the LED Board system in each stadium for the World Cup lies within the responsibility of FIFA. So, we at Continental only have to provide the data files according to FIFA specifications. The design of the board and the set-up of the files is done by our brand agency. We use the same design for quite some time now (Continental logo on contiyellow background accompanied by a tyre picture) as it ensures good logo visibility and makes the connection to our product.


We have to provide a number of different sizes for the perimeter boards for different usage: On TV you can see two different board set-ups: before and after the match and during half time, all sponsors are displayed (so called Multisequence), during the match you will either see one sponsor in a solus display (these are the FIFA Partners), or you will see two sponsors sharing a sequence (these are the World Cup Sponsors as Continental).

In addition we have to provide artwork for Emergency boards (should the LED System fail), Blind Side boards (boards that are facing the viewers in the stadium) and Training side boards for the facilities where the teams are training during the World Cup.

To check if board designs are working on TV (it’s one of the most valuable parts of the FIFA contract as it allows brand visibility to a global multimillion audience), FIFA offers all sponsors “life perimeter viewing sessions” in a stadium. One is taking place in Europe 2 months ahead of the event and another one onsite in Brazil a week before the Opening Match starts. At these sessions you can check how your artwork is displayed on the LED boards and can still make changes. We use these sessions mainly to ensure that our corporate colour Contiyellow is displayed correctly.

After all that everything is ready for the matches to start.

Silke Gliemann

Silke Gliemann

I'm responsible for Marketing Communications in EMEA and for Global Sponsorships within Passenger and Light Truck Tires. Working for Continental for more than 20 years, most of the time in Marketing Communications functions.

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