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I am delighted to share a little bit of my experiences at Continental. To do so, nothing is better than to start with a short introduction of myself: My name is Renan Sousa, I am from Brazil  – Guarulhos, and at this moment I am working as a Quality Graduate from the Corporate Quality Graduate Program (CQGP), which is sponsored by the Continental Corporate Quality & Environment.

In a short explanation, the CQGP is a 2 years program designed to develop eight graduates into Quality role models within the organization by giving us the opportunity to gather a broad understanding of Continental’s way of Business and Quality Management. In other words, it is a 2 years rotation program where we have 4 rotation of six months each, where we go through the level of Central Quality, Business Unit and Plant.

The first rotation is when the Graduates start off in the Corporate Central Quality settings by having Quality related topics trainings as well as working on and presenting 3 strategic projects.

The next following 2 rotations is when the Graduates go to either a Business Unit or to a Plant level to take on projects that are ongoing at the locations as well as to have daily learnings out of the daily activities of these levels.

Finally, when we reach the CQGP 4th phase – or the last 6 months rotation – the Graduates will return to their specific home base location to start work not only in a Corporate project but also in their final allocations.

How did everything start? 

Back in January 2017, I was a newly graduate in my Mechanical Designer Bachelors degree and I was just starting off my second major in Industrial Engineering. That was when I was given the opportunity to start an Internship at Continental Powertrain Brazil (Vitesco Technologies). I have been working there in the Quality department for the following 1 year and 8 months and that was when I found out about the CQGP opportunity at the Conti Job-Portal . I decided to apply for it, and luckily it worked out! 😀

Therefore, since then I have joined the CQGP and I have already been through the first 2 phases and recently started the 3rd phase of the program – or second overseas rotation. In my first 6 months overseas rotation I had the great chance to work in a ContiTech MFS (Mobile Fluid System) plant located in Tlalnepantla – Mexico. And now, I am just beginning my activities in Hannover at the ContiTech Surface Solution Business Unit. For the following 6 month I will join the challenging worldwide NQC Reduction Project, the so-called ZooM Project!

I am really looking forward to it, and I am quite  sure that I will have many deep learnings out of it 😀

Renan Sousa

2 thoughts on “How I Became Part of the Corporate Quality Graduate Program

    1. Hello Lisa, Thanks for your comment! You can find step-by-step instructions for the application process on the Continental Job Portal (www.continental-jobs.com). In most cases we’ll ask you to submit the following:

      Cover letter
      Curriculum vitae (CV)
      Certificates and/or transcripts for relevant degree and vocational training programs
      Letters of reference from previous employers
      Documentation of continuing professional development
      Work samples (depending on the position you are applying for)

      All the best,
      Alina, Continental Career Team

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