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Hello Mr. Quallig, tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your background?
I am 39 years old, married and have a 19 months old son. I layed the foundation for my career with my studies of business administration with special focus on human resource management. By now I have 16 years of experience in various HR areas, ranging from operative over strategic roles to HR projects.  Before I took on my current role as Head of HR Operations Germany in mid 2017, I was BU HR Head for the BU Transmission (Powertrain).

Which tasks and topics is your department in charge for? What role does digitalization play in this context?
A key aspect of our work is the continuous development and alignment of our HR services. The essential focus here is on the view of the end-customer (end-to-end). We have to understand our customers to be able to provide excellent solutions. Only through this we are able to maintain and ensure a high customer satisfaction and efficient transactions.

The challenges and opportunities of digitalization are key throughout all of our considerations. I am sure that the opportunities of digitalization will benefit our work greatly. Even though the demands towards HR are constantly increasing, through new tools we will able to provide our customers with even better solutions

What is to be expected as an employee in your department and what are potential career opportunities?
The HR Operations spectrum is very diverse. It  includes the traditional aspects such as payroll & admin, but also more operative activities in areas like recruiting and travel management. But no matter what area or activity we are talking about, there are always interesting occupations with an impact and excellent career options.

What do you treasure most about Continental as a company and an employer?
For this I would specifically like to cite two of our values here at Continental:  „Trust“ and „For one another“. „Trust“ because you are given the responsibility to handle exciting tasks, but also experience the support you need to successfully manage these. „For one another“ because we have an amazing HR team at Continental, which cherishes and supports each other.

And last but not least: What can not be missed during a typical work day for you?
…..a look into our Global HR News Blog to get insights into the newest information and activities from our HR Community.

Thanks a lot for the interview!

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