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What does Continental mean to you as an employer?

First of all Continental means safety to me. It is a big and innovative company, where you are able to develop personally and reach your goals. As an international company, Continental offers every employee the opportunity to get to know different countries and cultures.

Which positions have you had at Continental?

In 2010 I started my apprenticeship at Continental. At first I was assigned to the logistics department in our plant in Frankfurt. Right from the start it was a lot of fun since I was able to take over great responsibilities and work independently. After that I went through different departments such as purchasing, sales, accounting and marketing. I have also been assigned to be an assistance for a while. After my training, I started my career in the internal sales team aftermarket in Eschborn, where I am mainly responsible for the VDO.

How did you prepare for your apprenticeship at Continental?

I have already felt comfortable at Continental in the job interview. The instructors were very kind and gave me a good feeling right at the beginning. Before I decided to start my training at Continental, I studied languages in Russia for five years. So I knew how it felt to study and to work. This helped me to adjust to my apprenticeship at Continental quickly. From the beginning on I was open to new tasks and challenges.

Do you remember your first day at Continental?

I remember my first day at Continental quite well. The location at Frankfurt felt so incredibly big. I was very intimidated at first, but as soon as I met the other new apprentices, my discomposure vanished. Our instructors were always supportive and kind. This way I was able to feel very accepted and welcomed. The introductory week in Sollihull was very well organized. You were able to get to know each other and the international company Continental itself. After that we were well prepared for the start of our training.

What has been your highlight at Continental?

I have experienced a lot of highlights at Continental. The participation at the IAA in Frankfurt I treasure the most. During my apprenticeship I had the opportunity to support the junior team. My tasks contained running the advertising media shop and being on hand with help and advice for our visitors. Therefore I had the opportunity to meet a lot of different colleagues from different countries and I even had the chance to shake Dr. Degenhardts hand. It was an amazing experience.

What has been your biggest challenge at Continental?

During the second year of my apprenticeship, I simultaneously started to study economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz. My biggest challenge was the lack of time. You needed to study for both – the apprenticeship and the studies – at the same time. Therefore there was not a lot leisure time left. But in the end it was worth it and I managed to finish both successfully. Due to this challenge, I was able to develop and improve professionally as well as personally.

How do you feel as a women working in a male environment?

In my team in Eschborn the amount of women and men is quite balanced. Nevertheless most of the Sales Manager are male. Personally I believe it to be more of a positive challenge, than a problem. My colleagues are all very kind and I feel very comfortable to work with them.

How do you find a balance between work and leisure?

Continental offers their employees a wide range of opportunities to find balance between work and free time. For example, I have started to learn Danish for two years now. I am a very big fan of the country and the culture and after my finished studies I now have the time to learn the language. Moreover I like to do sports: I play badminton, go for a swim or go to the gym. This way I can relax and unwind. I also enjoy traveling, this way I get to take a break and relax from my everyday work.

Continental and family – What immediately comes to your mind?

For me the work at Continental and my own family are very compatible. Through concepts such as “Mobile Work” and “Flexitime”, Continental creates many opportunities to find a healthy balance. In addition a lot is offered for families, so that you will not have to pass on anything completely.

What advice would you give to entrants today?

As an apprentice at Continental there are so many possibilities and insights in the most different fields of activity. You should be open minded – Continental is a great employer where you have the chance to develop and use your individual talents.

Cassandra Lippert

Apprentice for Office Management and Management Assistance

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