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Julian Schade is a process engineer in our HPTC (High Performance Technology Center) at our plant in Korbach. He started his apprenticeship as a process mechanic in Korbach on September 1st in 2011. We met him and talked about his education, employment as well as impressions and experiences at Continental.

Do you remember your first day/your first impressions at Contiental?

My first day was on a Thursday. On that day we had our first safety briefings and I was impressed by the amount of safety measures that has to be taken into account. I also was surprised by the size and complexity of the Korbach plant.

Have you prepared yourself for the beginning of your apprenticeship?

Since Continental already promised me the apprenticeship in the 10th grade, I only needed to look out for a traveling companion, because I could not get to work on my own with the age of 16.

What was your career? What did you do after your apprenticeship?

After my apprenticeship, I worked in the manufacturing for 3 ½ years, where the blanks are assembled. I am now working in the HPTC for one year. Here, I have become an installer and a machine trainer.

How does your daily routine looks like?

After the shift handover at the machine, I check the material and the quality. After I have prepared the semifinished products, I ensure a smooth production process. If necessary, I adjust the machine.

What has been your biggest challenge on a working day?

The biggest challenge for me, is to train our new employees on the machine, because in the beginning you do not know what they already know and how eager they are to learn something. Otherwise, my installer test was very challenging.

Explain your highlight at Continental

My highlight at Continental was definitely the launch event of the “SportContact 6”. I could meet our customers and suppliers and show them how a tire is built and how I assembled it.

What was your most exciting experience at Continental?

I don’t need time to think about that. It was the day when I could drive to the “Bilster Berg” (Bad Driburg) with my colleagues and we were able to test the “SportContact 6” on a race track.

How do you experience the balance between work and free time? What are your hobbies?

In my free time I go hiking with my girlfriend. Besides, I like football very much. I don’t miss a Super Bowl or a match.

Continental and Family – what do you have in mind spontaneously? What are your experiences with Continental regarding the compatibility with your family?

Since I am still young and do not have my own family, there are no problems. Even if you need to leave work early, you always find a way.

What do you advise young people for their career entry?

They should have a good school graduation and do a lot of internships to find out what they really want to do. Even if you have found the right job, you still should further develop and educate yourself.

What does Continental mean to you as an employer?

For me, Continental means professional development opportunities and a safe workplace.


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