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What do you study?

Currently, I work for my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Automotive. It’s an integrated degree program by Continental.

What does Continental as an employer mean for you?

Future! And opportunities! We develop future ideas and create the world of tomorrow – it is great being a part of it. Not only from the economical perspective, Continental is a future-proof employer, but it also offers a lot of possibilities for my professional future. Thanks to the size, the diverse spectrum and the internationality of the company, there are so many ways to shape my future with Continental.

In terms of your studies: Which fields did you already get to know?

I had the great chance to do cross-divisional internships at Continental. Thus, I had two employments at Tire Division and three ones at Interior Division. This was a huge advantage for me to get to know wholly different fields within the Conti-world, to understand business process in Rubber as well as in Automotive Group and to visit several different locations – national and international. Moreover, I aimed at going through as many different disciplines as possible. That’s why I worked for the Strategy department as well as in Quotation Management. But at the same time, I also gained experiences in Marketing & Sales, in Communications as well as in Process Optimization (CBS). Finally, I reached the last station of my studies and currently write my Bachelor Thesis in Frankfurt in the field of strategic marketing.

What was your highlight at Continental until now?

Besides the variety of experiences I was able to make, a highlight was definitely my internship abroad in Penang, Malaysia.

Interesting! – Tell us more about your deployment abroad.

Last summer I spent three months in Penang (Malaysia) at Sales department/ Quotation Management. What impressed me the most about this experience, were the different cultures and people living together in Malaysia. Since I went there alone, my colleagues warmly cared for me and introduced me as far as possible into their culture and customs. That’s the reason why I for example spent the Muslim festival Hari Raya in a colleague’s family, visited a Malay wedding, celebrated the Chinese Ghost festival and often enjoyed seafood when my colleagues invited me to trips. Apart from that, I took the chance to travel a lot in Southeast Asia during that time which led to numerous further, breathtaking adventures.

How do you find the balance between work and leisure -time? How do you feel about the work load in your studies?

Compared to other students who do not work in parallel to their studies, we of course have an extra load, since we don’t have long holidays to relax in between our semesters. Nevertheless, we have the normal amount of holidays, just as other employees, which we can take during our internships. Due to the fact that our university terms are compressed, we write our exams simultaneously to lecture periods. So that at the end of the semesters it’s always a little more stressful. But I guess that counts for every student. 😉 If you have a good time management, it is absolutely no problem and I always find a way to compensate the load with my favorite activities, such as sports or spending time with friends.

How did you come up with the idea of Continental as an employer for you?

Before Continental, I did another integrated degree program. At the end of these studies, I decided that that employer was not able to offer what I was looking for. That’s why I was searching for a company which operates internationally and is so big that there are a lot of possibilities for further development and education. Finding a future-proof employer was also important to me. Since I was always very interested in the development of the automotive sector, I was looking for a job in this field. Finally, Continental convinced me by its company values, the innovative strength, the range of opportunities and of course by the degree program including the integrated internship abroad.

What makes the education at Continental special to you?

It’s about the variety of chances already during the education, getting to know several different departments, the opportunity to spend an internship abroad and definitely the trust that colleagues have in you, to finish tasks and projects independently.

How did you experience the application process?

What I found special about the application process at Continental was that I got a response within hours after the recruitment test and the assessment center. Therefore, I soon had the security and was able to plan the following steps. I feel that such a quick feedback is very valued by the applicants.

Do you already have plans for your future?

Of course I do! Since my studies will end in summer this year, the application process for a job at Continental starts for me right now. I am really looking forward to being responsible and giving everything for my own field of activity, and to finally being able to use the knowledge from university, my earlier studies in law and taxes, and all the previous internships for my day-to-day work-life. I did not yet want to decide on one special department because I am very interested in different fields and get enthusiastic about divers tasks – as long as they challenge me anew day by day.

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