We asked our apprentice Pascal Lichte some questions about his perception of his education at Continental in Korbach.

What kind of apprenticeship do you do?

Pascal: I started an education as a process mechanic.

What does Continental mean to you as an employer?

Pascal: Continental to me means a safe job, good training facilities and good training opportunities after the education.

What steps are you going through in the training?

Pascal: First I was in the technical center with the other trainees. There the basics of the various processing possibilities of metals and plastics were taught. After that we got a training plan, which showed us our scheduled stations in the different departments in our plant. My next station  were the central laboratory for reinforcing supports and the mixing room as well as the technical center for composites. Currently I‘m in the maintenance for industrial tires.

How do you like the balance between work and leisure?

Pascal: The balance isn’t difficult for me, since I don’t see my work as a burden. Outside of work I spend time with my friends or I like to ride my motorbike. Also I like playing football and I´m involved in the voluntary fire brigade.

How often do you need to attend school?

Pascal: I have school once a week. Every three weeks I have school twice a week.

What does your everyday work look like?

Pascal: My everyday work of course depends on the department I´m in. I like that you can´t really talk about a “typical” work day, because I go through different departments and different tasks. Currently my day starts in the fitting room at 5 a.m. I start working at 5.30 a.m. Either I go alone to do my work or I join a colleague, depending on the type of work. My working day ends at 13.30 p.m.

Do you remember your first day at Continental and what was your first impression?

Pascal:  Since it was the start of a new stage of my life I remember the first day very well. All trainees were picked up by the instructors and the department manager and we introduced each other. After that  we got a tour through our work spaces and the safety briefing for the factory. I was very impressed by how easy they made the start for us and how efficiently work was done in the factory.

What was your biggest challenge at Continental?

Pascal: The biggest challenge was the practical part of  my intermediate test a few weeks ago. The aim was to build a pneumatic circuit. Under time pressure I needed to know the hand movements.  However, we were prepared very well.

What are your further career goals?

Pascal: My next goal is to finish the apprenticeship as good as possible and therefore to be well prepared for the time afterwards. In the long term I would like to become a instruction master or engineer.

What would you suggest to other trainees in terms of training?

Pascal: I think you should definitely be friendly and honest, especially if you make mistakes. Also you should able to work in a team and to show willingness and initiative. You should be well prepared for the job interview and not be too cheeky or too shy.

Thank you very much for your time, Pascal!

Team Korbach

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