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What does Continental mean to you as an employer?

For me, Continental is a global company that provides a lot of opportunities for networking. You can develop yourself in different areas.

What I think is really great is the chance of studying while working. A lot of apprentices take this opportunity nowadays.

Interview with Simone Schmidt


Which positions have you had at Continental?

I started working for Continental on the 18th of August 2010 as an apprentice of office communication. During my apprenticeship I worked 90% of the time as an office clerk and just once as an assistant.

Shortly before my final exam, my instructor informed me, that Dr. Rieth’s assistant was looking to retire shortly. I actually only applied for this position and was really excited from the very beginning.

For my further education I attend seminars and workshops twice a year.

Do you remember your first day at Continental?

Yes, very well. In the beginning I was a bit intimidated by the huge size of the plant, especially because I did not know exactly what to expect. However the group of apprentices and instructors were so nice, that any nervousness passed very quickly. They all supported us very well and took care of all our concerns.

In addition, it was great that the introductory week was organised by the older apprentices. This meant that we were together with like-minded people and I immediately felt very comfortable in the company.

What does your daily routine look like?

That is difficult to say. In principle I am the first point of communication for Mr. Lauxmann, consequently I am the interface between the boss and colleagues. I therefore also support the different departments.

Apart from that the coordination of meetings is a big part of my daily routine, as well as the organisation of business trips and the planning of events.

What has been your highlight at Continental?

For me that was definitely participating in the organisation of the IAA 2015. I supported together with a lot of colleagues on the press days at the information counter. Despite the fact that the days were very exhausting, we definitely had a lot of fun working there.

What has been your biggest challenge at Continental?

My biggest challenge so far was the organisation of a big convention. In April this year, 80 executives met in Frankfurt. Until then I had not organised an event of this size. The planning was elaborate, but all in all it was a very interesting experience for me.

Have you worked abroad during your time at Continental?

No, unfortunately not. During my apprenticeship I wanted to do a cross move to Singapore. I had already planned everything – but sadly it failed due to the visa application.

However I was finally able to work in Hannover twice for the Employer Branding department. Amongst other things I co-developed the Continental Facebook page for apprentices. 

How do you feel as a women working in a male environment?

I find it very enjoyable. You have to deal a lot with special engineers and physicians, so there is often less gossiping, namely because they are all very kind and courteous. Because we are a Cross Divisional Function, we are closely linked to all departments. Therefore I work a lot of the time together with the other assistants, and I am thus able to keep in touch with many different colleagues.

How do you find a balance between work and leisure?

Some time ago I found endurance sports for me. After work I often go out for a long walk or do some swimming. It allows me to switch off and relax really well.

To recover from the workday, I love to travel around the world lots during the year. 

Continental & family – What immediately comes to mind?

I do not have a family yet, but I know that there are a lot of privileges of working at Continental, for example you can work from home or take advantage of “flexitime”. Thereby you are more flexible and can easily accommodate both – family and work. 

What advice would you give to entrants today?

Entrants should definitely take the chances they get and try to get as much experiences as they can. Continental offers so many possibilities for her employees, for example working in another country or studying after the apprenticeship. You just have to dare to do what you love to do.


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