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My name is Julien Bancarel, I am an engineering student in the Mechanical Manufacturing and Aerospace Manufacturing Sector at IMT Mines Albi. As part of my studies, I am doing an apprenticeship at Continental Toulouse. Here I am in charge of developing a new training program for new employees.

When my training managers invited me to participate in the “Yes to the Industry” contest, I did not hesitate to say “Yes”! This contest is organized by the Reindustrialization Institute and the price is awarded to students and work-study participants who have taken part in various projects in companies. These projects have the goal of increasing the French industrial activity. Indeed, I have always been interested in the subject of training and ways to innovate its courses. This topic interests me a lot because it represents a real stake for the future generation. I am therefore very engaged in integrating innovation into the training of new employees in French companies.

At Continental, my duty is to improve the integration of technicians and operators working on-site by promoting their technical learning. To achieve, that we carried out two actions: first, capturing the know-how of the technical experts and second, restituting this knowledge with digital tools. We chose digital tools, such as tablet, virtual reality, or “serious games” as a means of transmitting knowledge.

In order to carry out this project, we mobilized teams from Continental as well as a start-up. The goal was therefore a collaboration and a good coordination between our internal project and the activities of the start-up.

The freedom to innovate and create new methods has been a really enriching experience for me. I had the chance to work in a service called Factory 4.0 that deals with integrating new technologies and new innovative processes. This allowed me to understand the problems of production sites to remain competitive with low-cost countries. I was also well supported during this project and I learned a lot during this training within Continental.

Thanks to Continental for allowing me to highlight innovative initiatives in the field of industrial training.

Julien Bancarel

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