In my last blogpost I told you about my first 2 years at Continental.

I would like to offer you a sneak peek on what I am doing right now in Sanmen. Sanmen is a beautiful small town in China surrounded by mountains. Next to the beautiful landscape Sanmen is famous for its crabs all over China. So as you might have guessed: I am in China again ;-). That made me very happy as the Chinese are the friendliest foreign colleagues I have had till date.

Furthermore I got the opportunity to work at a green field project. Which is what I always wished for in order to prove my true potential. This project offers the best of both worlds, cost optimization and innovation. Sanmen is just that a location which produces high quality original equipment by keeping the costs on a very low level.

But the most exciting part of working in Sanmen is the pace at which work happens and the engagement, initiative and commitment of the workforce. Me an my colleagues, mostly women, running the wrapped belt. I am very impressed about my team since I barely got the opportunity to work with women in India. But here in Sanmen, they have taken the strong initiatives and bold steps and just moved forward without looking back. A dream coming true for a production manager and an organization aiming at ramping up asap!!

There is more to come in another article about Sanmen, so the last thing I want to tell you about is the weather which cannot be described. It rains when you least expect it to and the sun beats down hard the same way. In a span of a few minutes you can be dripping wet, thanks to the pace at which the weather changes here.  With this impression I just leave it here with a few pics of this beautiful country.





Srikrishna Bhogaraju

Srikrishna Bhogaraju

My association with Continental AG started as an intern with Continental Temic in March 2011 followed by my Master thesis which gave me an entry into ContiTech AG and now I am a part of the ContiTech Management Program. I am currently assigned in India at ContiTech India Private Limited and my daily schedule includes looking into various aspects concerning the overall working of the plant with the main focus being on Development projects apart from Production Planning and Quality improvement. This apart I also look into standardizing the procedures and bringing in effective managerial practices working along with the entire Team here at our Plant in Sonepat, Haryana, India. Now through the People@Continental Blog I wish to connect to a wider audience at Conti and would love to share my experiences and at the same time read the experiences of others at Continental AG.

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