I had the great chance to visit one of our kindergartens abroad. In Sibiu (Romania) the grounds of the plant are home to a large, modern preschool. I was in Sibiu for a workshop and I took the chance to throw a glance into the kindergarten during the break. A colleague took me there while all the little ones were taking their after lunch nap. You can imagine how cute it looks when 10 to 15 kids per cosy room are lying in their little beds!

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With a total area of 1,000 m2, the facility offers enough space to care for 140 children aged one to five years. The first intake of 85 have already started, with the preschool celebrating its grand opening in September 2015.

It is a paradise for children – and peace of mind for their parents as some of them told me.


The interior is designed with a lot of love. The motto of the kindergarten is “the world”. The groups have different designs depending on the continent. Each continent has a color and the corresponding strip on the ground leads you the way to your group/continent. The kindergarten is also multilingual. There are German and Romanian groups and English is teached to everyone.

Talking to the responsible colleagues I could feel their passion for childcare. To me it all looked perfect, but they keep on looking for things that they can bring to perfection.

The color code leads you to your group
The color code leads you to your group


Outdoor area of the kindergarten
Outdoor area of the kindergarten

During my visit it was very cold, but still I was also impressed by the outdoor area. A 500 m2 playground with colorful, modern equipment – slides, swings, see-saws, and sandboxes.

If I get the chance to come back in summer I will wait for the children to be awake to see all the possibilities to play in action.



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