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Continental Passion – exploring the company’s roots to be ready for the future!

In a personal adventure seeking knowledge and also to improve English proeficiency, I boarded on the 29th of May to start my long backpacking dream trip to Europe, which lasted exactly 30 days. On this journey, I traveled to 10 countries, was visiting 20 cities and among them I could not leave out Lousado and Hanover-Stoecken. I always wanted to get to know the locations of Continental in other countries and this was a great opportunity.

I believe that when I joined Continental, one of the most frequently heard words  was Lousado, Camaçari’s sister plant. It was interesting to see how this location, although not a greenfield project and at the same time a very old plant, has a very efficient and organized structure, which ensures excellent productive results.

One of the reasons that made me also visit  the Stoecken plant was to explore the difference from  Camaçari. There, the production contemplates only the first step in tire manufacturing – the process of mixing – but also focuses on research and development. In addition, it provides compounds for two other plants in the group. The other reason for visiting Stoecken was the desire to get to know the assembly area of ​​Continetal Machinery, since I have a largef affinity for the area of ​​machine development. Even though it was a brief visit, it was possible to see how our tire building modules are born.

Furthermore, I visited a museum in Berlin, where I was able to get to know the history of the Continental group through an exhibition of old vehicles. Our tires have been transporting people for such a long time, it was surprising to realize that.

To share my experiences, I have created a group with friends from work so they could enjoy my trip with me in real time. I believe that knowing other plants enriches the professional development of the worker, because it gives a more precise idea of ​​the dimension (grandeur) of our company. This trip through Europe allowed me not only to grow culturally, but also enriched my professional life. I recommend this experience to everyone who wants to broaden horizons a little and see beyond the daily routine.



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