It all started on one eventful evening, the 16th of March 2011, when we sat down in room 113 in FH Ingolstadt after the presentation from Dr. Erdogan concerning the project between FH Ingolstadt and Continental Temic. The responsibility of Project Manager was bestowed upon and since then there has been no turning back.

The internship that followed at Continental Temic, Ingolstadt where we started off to work on the Pneumatic Seat control modules for the Daimler Benz S class, opened up a whole new world to me. What followed soon after was the interview for the ContiTech Management Program, all the 3 rounds which followed thereafter is an experience that I will cherish all through my life. When you complete a conversation and walk back wishing there was never an end to the conversation, you know the quality of the conversation and the persona that the people in the conversation brought along with them.

My association with ContiTech AG started off with the thesis at ContiTech Vibration Control GmbH in Hanover. Whether it was the internship at Continental Temic, the thesis at ContiTech Vibration Control or the full time work thereafter as a part of the ContiTech Management Program, life at Continental AG has truly been amazing. It has been a journey full of surprises, tight schedules, increasing responsibilities and fun filled work.

ContiTech Shanghai Company Limited was definitely one of the best places I have worked at to date in terms of the team work and dedication shown by the team. However, one thing that definitely improved during my stay in Shanghai was my ability to communicate in Sign Language!! 🙂


Other ways of communicatingOne such instance happened on the very first day in Shanghai. I infact almost cooked at the hotel myself to satisfy my vegetarian diet. 😉  The only way I could explain them what vegetarian actually meant was by showing pictures with ‘X’ marks on them.


And now I am back in India, the place from where I started 2 years ago. ContiTech India Pvt. Ltd is where I am right now, 30kms from New Delhi. A totally different ball game. A big culture shock for an Indian in India!!! For someone coming from down south in India, from cities and towns that are well informed and up to date with many of the modern developments, people who are kind, soft and helpful, Delhi was a shocker! However, work at our plant in Sonepat has been challenging and offers a huge growth potential.

The food is the best part of it here in Delhi. 🙂 Amazing food. Gives me a good opportunity to pack back all the weight I lost in China. 🙂

ContiTech has always offered the most exciting job profiles and I do consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to interact very closely with the top management of every division I have been in. It has just opened up a whole new world to me. To add to it, the fact that I am now back in India it gives me a further edge compared to China in the area of interacting freely with the production shopfloor employees as there is no language barrier. This in turn helps me having a healthy balance between the top managerial methodology and a very good connection to the shopfloor.

It is just the beginning now but it has surely been an exhilarating experience. My first article for the People@Continental Blog as well… I look forward to many more, this time with pictures with interesting facts about life in Contitech India 🙂 🙂

Srikrishna Bhogaraju

Srikrishna Bhogaraju

My association with Continental AG started as an intern with Continental Temic in March 2011 followed by my Master thesis which gave me an entry into ContiTech AG and now I am a part of the ContiTech Management Program. I am currently assigned in India at ContiTech India Private Limited and my daily schedule includes looking into various aspects concerning the overall working of the plant with the main focus being on Development projects apart from Production Planning and Quality improvement. This apart I also look into standardizing the procedures and bringing in effective managerial practices working along with the entire Team here at our Plant in Sonepat, Haryana, India. Now through the People@Continental Blog I wish to connect to a wider audience at Conti and would love to share my experiences and at the same time read the experiences of others at Continental AG.

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