Hello, my name is Julia Emborg. I am 26 years old and live with my fiancée near Copenhagen. I am a new employee at Continental in Denmark. My role here at Continental is Trade Marketing Specialist.

I started in the beginning of April and had a great kickoff at Continental. Everyone made sure to welcome me and to introduce me to all aspects of Continental. That means that I already have had insights into the logistics department, customer service, sales, economics etc.

As the new Trade Marketing Specialist, I will focus on B2B marketing in Denmark, co-branding with our dealers, produce specially made marketing material for dealers, distributors, workshops and collaborators and to arrange events and fairs.

When I first read the job application for the Trade Marketing Specialist position here at Continental, I immediately knew it was the job that I wanted. For me as a young, ambitious woman that wants to have a great career, it was the perfect opportunity to be a part of an international organization.

So when I got the positive news, that I was getting the job, I was super excited. I am thrilled to be a part of the Continental culture and learn more about the variety of Continental products like tires and different automotive technologies. I already had the chance to visit the HQ in Hanover to meet with other marketing employees. This was a great experience! Everyone was so friendly and helpful; I am pleased to be in a company that focuses on helping each other and going the extra mile. “For one another” is really lived here. During my stay I met up with different employees from the marketing department. I learned more about them and whom to contact in different situations. If I need help with challenging events, if I need inspiration for co-branding, if I need help with brochure templates – I know now whom to contact.  On top of that, I also have a stronger connection with my colleagues from Germany.

After my visit to the HQ, I also visited the ContiDrom and AIBA, which was an amazing experience. It gave me great insights into how tires react in different situations. I went there with a couple of my Danish colleagues and some of our customers.
This was to teach our customers (and me) about our tires, and why it is important to have the right tire pattern and the right pressure. A tire is definitely not just a tire. There is so much more to it than that. I am so glad that I experienced the ContiDrom, even though I got a little carsick (from driving fast with the amazing drivers).

In my free time, I love to travel and experience different cultures, food and art. I also enjoy being creative and taking long walks in the nature.


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