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This is my first blog article and I want to give you an understanding of the subject “Gender Diversity Awareness”.

The actions and events I will organize within my bachelor thesis aim to support diversity and want to motivate young, well educated women to join the business unit Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS). Especially early education of female pupils on the secondary level will be focused.

Therefore I will define, plan and implement a couple of measures with the HR department in Lindau, Germany. To establish an appropriate framework I will build up a cooperation with local schools which are interested in setting up a link between the theoretical lessons and the practical application at work.

Poster ADAS GO!

The most important activity will be “ADAS GO!“(GO= Girls Orientation), an orientation day for girls  at the Basic schools cooperating with Continental. At this event they can learn about Continental as an employer, get a demonstration of ADAS products and they will be informed about the different opportunities to join ADAS. Additionally there will be representatives of our partner universities to present their technical study courses. This event should show girls how diverse these courses are and which interesting and ambitious career perspectives they can have.

Another measure is “ADAS Engineers visit Schools!”  for both male and female pupils. During the lessons, ADAS Engineers will explain, why the basic school knowledge in subjects like physics or maths is very important for technical studies and later at work. This connection between theory and practice should help them to recognize the importance of maybe now unpopular subjects and their application in what can become exciting projects and exercises.

The third measure to be implemented with our cooperation schools is the “ADAS Award”. The award will be given to female pupils, achieving excellent grades in technical subjects. They will receive a certificate and an individual prize to support them in their technical career.

The aim of these activities is to present ADAS as an attractive employer and present the exciting projects ADAS engineers are working on.

I hope that I will be successful with my thesis measures and that I can contribute to ADAS diversity.

If you have questions or comments regarding gender diversity awareness or diversity management in general, please comment this blog or write an e-mail to I am looking forward to reading constructive contributions and will inform you about the project progress in this blog.

Anne Birk

Anne Birk

My name is Anne Birk and I'm from Lindau (Germany). I am writing my Bachelor Thesis in the Human Resources Department Lindau. The subject of my thesis is to increase "Gender Diversity Awareness" within the BU ADAS.

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