Hello, my name is Olga and I’m working as a Test and Validation Lead Engineer on the development of the highway pilot solutions. This is where cars completely take over the driving task on motorways become reality. I am really proud to be able to make a contribution to bring automated driving onto the road.

The ideas behind are making travelling on motorways safer and more comfortable. From my point of view, it makes everyday life much more relaxed. A longer trip to the workplace, for example, is no longer so bad because you can use the commuting time for other tasks. Nevertheless, I’m not dependent on public transport. Even longer journeys and heavy traffic, for example during holidays, are less stressful.

But what does my job look like in concrete terms? I mainly take care of organisational matters, from virtual tests and simulations to the final test in the vehicle. My typical day is therefore usually full of meetings and I have to coordinate with a lot of people. In addition, there is a constant review and agile adaptation of the current project status and overall schedule. I take care of the reporting of verification and validation results and the related issue. I also need to be able to react very flexibly to changes and inform the people affected. And, last-but-not-least, I make sure that the right people talk to each other.

Getting automated driving on the road is a very complex matter – and that of course has also an impact on my daily work. We are working with artificial intelligence here, for example we have to process constantly growing data rates and implement new sensor technologies. For these new technologies, we also need new methods and processes, which have yet to be developed. This means a very high coordination effort. In a large team for a very complex system, we have to consider not only what we develop, but also how. There is no model for this technology to follow. We have to do research here that we can bring to market as soon as possible, as safely and as cost-effectively as possible – a demanding but also exciting challenge.

I got to know Continental in 2013 when I completed a six-month internship at the Alzenau location during my studies. I was inspired by the working atmosphere, as well as the variation of projects, and wanted to stay with the company. I then wrote my thesis at Continental and, of course, didn’t miss the opportunity when a position became vacant. I had my first job as a Development and Test Engineer in February 2014.

In 2017, I moved to Continental Teves in Frankfurt and have been working here since then as a Test and Validation Lead Engineer. I’m still getting to know new facets and areas of the company. I also work with people I can call friends on a daily basis – and that makes me very proud. I think the opportunity to develop within the company is great – and the next step has just been made: a couple of weeks ago, I took over as the Team Lead of the Test and Validation Lead Engineers in the Automated Driving Systems division. I’m really excited about it!


Olga is part of our new campaign “My Job is done when…”. You can find more stories from our colleagues around the world and also more insights into the exciting working day at Continental on our  careers page.


2 thoughts on “My Contribution to the Future of Driving

  1. My job is done when accident s become history,
    and I me going to provide the correct data from labelling and annotation team from TCI bangalore

  2. My job done when accident s become history,
    and I me going to provide the correct data from labelling and annotation team from TCI bangalore

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