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Some days ago, I reviewed my past career. It is not about how much money I have earned but rather the feeling and my self-value. Many things and people flashed into my mind and then disappeared again like an exciting film. Finally I got my inspiration from a glass of white wine which helped me realize the reasons why I`m here. Those reasons are opportunity, location and harmony.

For one another
For one another

I have been a maintenance staff memeber of Giti Tire since I graduated as an Electromechanical major in 1999. But I didn’t know why I chose to join the maintenance staff in a tire company. However I still would like to work hard for the trust from the company. I accumulated the knowledge of the tire industry day by day. I guess this is a must in the era of globalization, especially if you work for a high-tech global player like Continental.

As a citizen of Hefei, China I was really excited when I heard that Continental finally decided to build a tire plant in 2008 and I sent my resume immediately when the plant was opened in 2010. Fortunately, I got the chance to experience the high tech tire product knowledge in a mature plant. Our four core values are well known in the plant: for one another, trust, passion to win and freedom to act.

Instantly, I got an idea of what it means to be a maintenance employee in a tire company in Hefei. The most magical thing is we were not aware of each others presence before. We both have been working hard in the real world to prepare for our beautiful “dating experience”. I guess it is the “For One Another” that supports Continental and I to stay together for many years. Thanks to this great era, we finally marry. The most important thing is that I am fully convinced that I made the right choice. I regard the value “Trust” as the reason for my luck: I trust Continental and Continental trusts me. Both of us are eager to succeed and we get enough freedom to act on this.

Make Maintenance No Break down
Make Maintenance No Break down

Life continues, so the story never ends. Working for Continental Tires in China allows me to me earn enough to support my family and I also enjoy the problem solving tasks during my daily work. I wish Continental Tire Division all the best and to win further customers in China. I am fully confident that this won’t be an issue. Let us shape the future!

Jianliang Wu

3 thoughts on “My Core Values as a Maintenance Staff Member

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am Hassan from USA. I just want to ask one question to everyone who is currently working in Continental Tires. I did my Master degree from Germany and during my studies i did also one internship in Continental Tires R & D department Hannover Germany. But after my master degree i am keep on applying in continental for trainee programs and other jobs but i got rejections every time. I don’t know why. They said sometime you don’t have experience and sometime we find another candidate.

    My question is Rejection because of racisim, education or experience?

    Let’s suppose if i don’t have a experience than consider me as a starter to join your team to show you my abilities, my knowledge, strength & weakness. If you guys and other companies will not give me a job than where i will go to get an experience to join your team. Some people may be laugh at me but its true. If i don’t have a experience than give me a job as a starter to get a experience.

    If somebody is here who can better understand my problem than kindly send this message to a responsible member of Continental Tires. I shall be very thankful to you

    1. Hi Hassan,
      Continental employes more than 205.000 people from all over the world. Also in Germany our workforce is diverse and we are further fostering that. We receive around 70,000 applications only in Germany. The reasons for rejection are always different of course, but it is never due to race, gender, or anything like that. All open positions come with different requirements and there are always some positions for graduates without work experience. In our job portal you can filter by the job type “career starter”. For trainee programs we have higher expectations to the candidates (check here:
      I hope that helps!

    2. Hello ,May be you can try to take a position in China . And you should remember ,not always apply the key position .There are so many applicant and the company (Continental Tires) ,could not give every body a offer ,especially the key position .It is much easier to get a job in China ,not only in Continental ,for a foreigner .

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