My journey at Continental began in July 2017 with much of excitement, curiosity and a little bit of fear as to how Corporate life would be. But by the end of the day, I had come to the conclusion that I was entering a comforting work environment. My first day was a blend of presentations, fun activities, information about the various clubs that I could be a part of at Continental and a few formalities. I got to meet many interesting people.

In the first few days, I remember taking part in many team building activities and giving presentations on hot topics related to the trends in the automotive domain. This gave me lots of confidence in speaking in front of others and made me realize my areas of personal improvements. One highlight of the Grooming Young Talent (GYT) program from my point of view was the C, C++ Fundamentals session. Although I am a technical oriented person, I was never a big fan of coding. I believed that I was bad at it because I had a hard time analysing and making sense of the code. But the trainer changed my perception about it completely. In just a period of 7 days, he was able to convey the concept beautifully and explain everything in simple words with a touch of little humour to keep the session interesting. As a result, I was able to solve many other coding problems easily.

The other big highlight of GYT program was the innovation session with business focus mentoring which completely transformed my way of thinking. Innovation, which is one of the most vital entities responsible for a company’s growth, was explained in detail and it helped me to bring up new and out of the box ideas, which finally resulted in filing an Invention Disclosure.

Apart from all of these, there were other sessions like Automotive Basics, Hardware Fundamentals, Coding Challenges, Soft-skills and Personality development which were really informative and thought provoking.

Overall the GYT program transformed us from college graduates to proud Continental automotive R&D Engineers.


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