Finishing my Master´s Degree in computer science was a great feeling. But know what? It was time to get to work! I knew I wanted to work in a multicultural, international environment and preferably in the automotive area in which I had already worked as a student. I also wanted the possibility to get the big picture of a company before settling for my final position. A trainee program was the solution. I looked at many different companies and their programs and one company and its program really caught my eye. It was the Continental AG.

The internet appearance and the Continental culture with its respective values matched my mindset. The size and distribution around the world was appealing as well. It seemed to be possible to work for Conti anywhere in the world! Conti offers among others the IT Graduate Program, which is a corporate IT program consisting of 4 assignments. The specialty here is that each assignment has the duration of 6 months. The assignments are organized cross-divisionally, which gives me the opportunity to see 4 out of 5 divisions and get a better understanding of the enterprise. One assignment is even abroad. Sounds nice, right? But is the program as good as they sell it? To tell you the truth: so far it is. If you take a look at our trainee flight you’ll notice we are a pretty international group.

Our first day at work at headquarter in Hanover.

That was our very first day at work. Everyone nicely dressed up and looking business. Don’t get fooled by that we not only work good together but have a lot of fun together as well!

photo (2)
Evening team event in Hanover.

Besides the great colleagues I experience that the long duration of each assignment allows me to independently work on topics and take over a lot of responsibility. My team leaders and colleagues are very helpful und supportive of my work. That way I can jump into new topics very quickly and get productive fast. When one assignment is over I have the possibility to influence the decision on my next assignment, of course in the scope of the offered possibilities. HR does their best to support us in the whole process which eases finding apartments and other organizational issues a lot. In summary I can say I´m really enjoying this program a lot and can recommend it to anyone who is interested in IT.


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More about trainee programs at Continental on the career website here or apply now.

Hans Nienhaus

Hans Nienhaus

After finishing school I started studying Information System Technology as my Bachelor´s Degree at the University of Ulm. I did my Master´s Degree at the same University in Computer Science. I wrote my Master´s thesis in Beijing China for Daimler Greater China Ltd on the field of Speech Dialog Systems. I enjoyed working in an international and multicultural environment so I applied for the IT Graduate Program at Continental, where I work today.

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