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Alex, how did you experience your first day?
The many new faces and the new environment called out a little nervousness but also lots of joy. I felt very welcomed. With a lot of new information about Continental and my apprenticeship the anticipation for the first practical assignment grew directly.

And how was the first week?
I met plenty of new people and made new friends. I started building my own small network at Continental. Especially the seminar in Bad Salzdetfurth offered a great insight into the company and various teambuilding activities brought us together closer from the very beginning.

Please tell us about your first practical assignment.
I visited some trainings and meetings to get to know better the department and the background of my own tasks. The first days were dedicated to settling and getting in. I was welcomed as a new colleague instantly and people treated me on equal terms. All of the colleagues were really helpful and cooperative. So I experienced great trust when I got tasks with my own responsibility, that I was able to work on independently.

What did you like the most?
I got responsible tasks and grew a member of the Continental family already in the very first days. I frequently meet new people, find new friends and due to the internationality of Continental I am able to get in contact with people from all over the world. Furthermore there is the possibility to help with interesting events, such as the family day in the plant Stöcken. In this way you are able to get significant insights into the company.

Do your first 100 days at Continental meet your expectations for your apprenticeship?
Yes, absolutely! They even got bested!

Marie Bradt

I started my dual education 2016 as a ContiBachelor in Business Administration. Since then I´m part of the Continental Education Facebook Team.

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