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60 days ago, I was being sentimental because of saying goodbye to all the people I love in Shanghai…and now here I am, sitting at my new office, trying to capture and organize my thoughts throughout the journey so far, peacefully and gratefully. A good friend once told “like it or not, this is the life for trainee, always hi and bye…” – well, I guess it’s not that bad. Actually, it’s what makes us grow…

What’s different?


There are “millions” of differences between working in a plant and working in a market. The first day I joined, I had the opportunity to participate in the townhall meeting, which involves both white collar and blue collar workers of a plant. Coincidently, that was right after I attended the townhall meeting in China. Back in the Chinese market, we are more sales driven, we have a not very large but quite agile team with sales and supporting functions as well as a lot exciting and fancy marketing and PR activities. And here at the PJ plant (Malaysia), we have a much bigger number of employees, more diverse components in production, unions, shopfloors, quality and safety…etc. It’s just like the mix of Malaysian culture, for a fresh graduate who has “0” experience in any plant – everything is quite mysterious and challenging.

The other major change in my work is that I’ve been transferred from working on multiple HR topics to focusing on Compensation & Benefits function. That helps me to build up more expertise.

How to fit in?


This is the part where I get to know things and get to know the people. One thing always confusing me when moving into a new environment is: how to start? For me the question was answered by scheduling several interviews with HR managers in different functions, and joining different group activities. It is always interesting to pick up new things at work, know what the processes are, and to see what you can learn from different individuals. After work, there is a “cool” Conti group which mixed local and international colleagues, we sometimes hang out together, explore the city or just try new food and fruits. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you find your own pace both in work and life.

You are never alone…

Having my grandpa passed away was the most difficult period for me. It makes things even worse as I am away from my family. However, I was lucky to have friends and colleagues and superiors who were there all the time, supporting and encouraging me. It is never easy to lose someone you are close to, but it also makes me realized that no matter what happened, I am never alone. It reminds me of what one wise person used to say “family model is the most successful business model”, I guess that’s why we call ourselves “family” in our trainee pool, and those Conti people we met, they are not just colleagues at work, they are also friends and families who believed in “For One Another”… and I’m so glad that I’m part of the family.

Journey of self-discovery…

My journey within the Corporate HR Graduate Program is also a journey of self-discovery. Through these rotations and unique experiences, I start to find out that there are many more sides of me. It’s so exciting to know who we are and what we are capable of…



Finally, greetings from PJ, and a big hug to all of you :-).


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Candy Yang

Candy Yang

Borned in 1990 in northern part of China, i was raised up in a traditional Chinese family. After i received my education in Shanghai and the the year of horse i found my lucky horse - Continental. So, this is where i started my career and also where the story begins... ;)

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