Being with Continental for the past four years has been the longest yet, I must say, the most fulfilling period of my career as an IT Consultant. I will always remember the first day I started with the company since it was also the day after the presidential election in my country – the Philippines. Everyone had a fresh feeling – fresh air, fresh start, fresh government. Absolutely, everything was fresh, so was I. Though I already had an experience with the technology, it was a challenge for me to be hired as a SAP Quality Management Consultant. But my supervisor trusted my talent and skills to do what’s needed to fulfill my job and the rest is history.

When you know you have the passion, then Continental has a place for you. It was a great opportunity for me to be part of SAP Implementation across the plants within the Asia region. Being exposed to these projects, I gained expertise not only about SAP but the business processes this technology is being utilized with. Additionally, I had an opportunity to have a glimpse of the different cultures within the region – the incredible India, the talented Thailand, the serenity of Japan and the booming China to name a few of the places I have been to. And those are the perks of working in a “very international” company!


The company has always been supportive and appreciative of the employee’s inventiveness and contribution to make Continental a very good environment to work in. Along with my daily activities, having an opportunity to lead initiatives within my department encouraged me to develop my leadership skills and eventually possessed freedom to make a change even with my small, yet effective ways. Often tagged as Mr. Congeniality, I was able to win the hearts of my colleagues and positively influence them to make most out of the day-to-day work without losing the fun and eagerness to strive more.

If there has been a good formula for these four successful years, that would be the four core values of our company — Trust, Passion to Win, Freedom to Act and For One Another. Now that I am assigned here in Germany for a year to work on a Global Project that would absolutely give a wonderful impact to the whole Continental, I can say that this is an opportunity that happens once in a lifetime. With that, I believe that I am inspired by what I have achieved but I will always be motivated by what I can accomplish. I know that Continental has a lot to offer, all it takes for me is to take another one brave step!

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    Thank you ….

  2. You have written a very informative article with great quality content and well laid out points. I agree with you on many of your views and you’ve got me thinking.

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