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Hello there! I am Sungjun Kim, I am 34 years old and I operate as a HR Specialist. I have been working at Continental South Korea for 8 years.

In South Korea, I am in charge of Training and the Travel Management of Powertrain Division. I arrived in Toulouse (France) 6 months ago to support the HR team with the deployment of Talent Management projects in Continental Automotive.

It seemed like a good opportunity to do a temporary “Mobility Exchange” from Korea to France. I would like to thank Nadege Roques, HR Country Head France and her team who made this possible and invited me to France.

I remember my favourite moment here which was during the Talent Management workshop on 10th of July.

Especially Dr. Ariane Reinhart who has participated in this event as the responsible Board Member for France. She and the whole HR team had a great time during dinner!

France is a very beautiful country, so I will come back again for leisure travel. I will keep on learning French in South Korea! My best place here is Chamonix.

I think it is important to have an experience abroad to enhance our personal career and vision. We are generally afraid of adapting to a new environment and culture, so we may hesitate before we make the decision of moving. But if we overcome this, we will certainly grow.

I will bring French cookies (LU) and wines for my friends and colleagues in South Korea.

I am quite interested in cosmetics, so I am going to buy some products (Avene, Vichy, Uriage, La Roche-Posay).

My new favourite French word? Definitely “Bisous bisous” !



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