I joined Continental in 2011 as an intern in the HR Department and after 3 years I was coordinating the Employer Branding, Sourcing and Communication team in my location, Sibiu (Romania). At that point, most of my professional goals from the “To Do until my 30s” list were checked, but still I was really wishing for an International Assignment.

Fortunately, a sequence of events brought me to the point where I received a phone call from the Team Leader of the Corporate Employer Branding team, asking if I am interested to be part of his team for one year and take care of the Social Media area.

So, few months later, I found myself in a new city – Hanover, surrounded by people speaking a language that I did not talk or understand and working in a new office, with a new team, far away from all the known and comfortable things.

This was the first shock: I wasn’t in my location anymore, I did no longer know all the people around, from finance to management; it was no longer so “easy” to get something done, since I did not have any  “old” connections. So, first thing first, I realized I need to build a network, to explain people who I am, make them trust me and my work. Hopefully, I managed to achieve this in my year there. I was lucky  to have wonderful colleagues that helped me with everything they could.

Second challenge was to work with people from all over the world and bring everyone on the same  page. Doing consultancy for our colleagues in the countries was not easy but coming from one of the locations myself, made it for sure easier.

All in all, there were many other professional challenges and a lot of interesting projects that brought me to a new level of understanding and knowledge in regards to my job.

On a personal level, it was an adventure. Me and my husband had an amazing time exploring Germany.

This is an experience that I recommend to everyone, as it can help you to develop on a both personal and professional level. I am grateful that I work for a company that made this possible for me and I am looking forward to the future challenges my job will offer to me.

3 thoughts on “My German Year

  1. I’ll interested in joining Continental Tire’s Human Resource Program,but don’t know where start. I became interested about the company new expansion coming to Clinton Mississippi. The expansion is expected to start in September of this year. I was so excited about the new expansion I quickly created a profile but I’m having problems accessing my account. Because I work alots of hours being a Service Driver I miss place my password code. Now I can’t check the account because of it. I tried to create a new account but it will not work for some reason. I’m trying to contact Continental Tires technical support but their office hours is having a conflict with busy work schedule because l’m mostly bust during the week because of my work schedule. I’m trying to figure how can get in contact with their support time to solve the problem.

    1. Dear Dennis,

      I am sorry to here about those technical difficulties. Please place your request on the Continental Tire Facebook page which you can reach through the following link:https://www.facebook.com/continentaltireclinton/ .
      Our colleagues from the US will then offer you a solution!

      All the Best,
      Continental Career Team

  2. Nice to hear stories like this.

    I was also moving to Hannover last year after being working in China for amost 6 years, and as you said Conti gives to us the opportunity to move accross divisions and functions. For me was the same experience when I started to work at Conti in china and not being able to speak or read chinese, now Germany is a little better because you gained with this movements not only work but also intercultural experience.

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