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Hi, my Name is Jenna and I am 23 years old. At the moment I am doing my first fulltime internship at Continental in the HR Communications Germany department. Here, I have the opportunity to assist my colleagues with the internal and external communication matters regarding Human Relations Germany .

Some facts about me: I am studying “Integrated Media & Communications” at the Hochschule Hannover. After the first four semesters, I successfully completed a vocational training as a design assistant. Currently, I am in the fifth semester and within the next years, I will complete four internships where each lasts 14 weeks  and afterwards will attend lectures for the rest of the semseter.

My way to Continental

Three and a half months have gone by in a flash! Only a few weeks are left before my internship ends. Nevertheless, I still remember exactly how I entered the impressive foyer of the headquarters for the first time.  I was really nervous before my job interview started, but after a couple of minutes into the conversation, it was gone.

The topics my colleague presented to me were pretty much in line with my interests. This included being able to look into internal and external communication which requires to face different target groups and challenges. Overall, the job interview was extremely pleasant. The highlight: I left the interview with a verbal guarantee and started my internship only two weeks later.

My daily tasks and challenges

In our office , named “talent lab”, I  work together with four interns from Employer Branding Germany . Here we can always count on mutual support and learn from each other. In addition to the productive working hours, the fun does not come too short: every now and then there is a match on our dartboard. At the talent lab we do not only exchange ideas about work, but also about previous experiences or private life.

Our “Daily Business” includes working on our career channels: Facebook, LinkedIn & Co. In weekly editorial meetings, potential content is discussed and an editorial plan is being created. For December we created a special category – our advent calendar: Behind each door hides a job we want to showcase– this is also how I came to my blog post.

For some jobs we planned video productions. Especially for that, I was able to bring in a lot of my knowledge form the university: from the storyboard and shooting schedule to the organization of requisites. Spoiler alert: Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to interview the head of internal corporate communications and had a look at the archive and the history of Continental. Stay tuned! ?

Would I choose Continental again?

Definitely! Continental lives a culture with values that I can identify with, like “for one another”. Diversity is very important here and is part of the recipe for success. The company is working on technologies that will shape the future. Visions like cleaner air, or fewer accidents. I could already learn a lot through my internship – about myself, my future and of course about communication. I am curious and look forward to see how you will like the advent calendar!




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