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My Mentor Max and me


Hello! My name is Eva Schmid and since October 2018 I am working as a Software Engineer at Continental Automotive GmbH in the Division Powertrain.

Before becoming a Software engineer, my previous goal was to obtain my bachelor in mathematics. However, during the studies I realized that it would not be enough to reach my goals despite of extensive learning efforts, but in the end, the passion for numbers never faded. That’s why I choose to go for a more technical and practical degree program which also requreied some economic understanding. After switching from mathematics to business informatics during my undergraduate degree program, I realized that business informatics is the perfect course for me. My passion for technology and development made studying fun and the joy I could experience during that time made it a privelge for me.  During my Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics, I completed an internship at a car manufacturer. I noticed how much fun it is to deal with technologies and to develop solutions. My interest in mobility and new technologies has grown. Today, my plan is to talk to you from a perspective of a computer scientist for all autmotive industrues, who experiences the ever-advancing progress in mobility. Since there is so much to talk about, I feel like this is the right place to do so.

After completing my bachelor’s degree in business informatics, I decided to study computer science in order to deepen the technical focus. I wanted to gain more experience in the automotive industry by working as a working student at Continental Automotive GmbH in the field of software quality. I have chosen Continental, because affordable mobility is even anchored in its mission. At Continental, I was able to qualify for the ProMotion program by, among other things, being accountable for certain areas of responsibility, such as the creation of a concept for automated capture and evaluation of KPIs and care of further student work, through my passion for technology. ProMotion is a program that students can use to qualify while working at Continental. After the admission into the ProMotion program, interesting workshops are waiting for you, for example on the subject of project management, and excursions, such as the IAA. This is a great way to connect with other ProMotion members, socialize, and to get to know Continental as a future employer, in a variety of areas. My former supervisor Corina Ebbinger nominated me for the Continental student loyalty program ProMotion. For this opportunity and for the openness of Corina to new ideas, I take her as a role model in any case and I try to assisst in the evaluation and implementation of new solutions.

Motivated to immerse myself in different areas and to face new challenges there, I wrote my Master’s thesis at Continental on the prototypical development (recurrence) of neural networks. For me, this topic was not too specific and was one of the most intense and exciting times during my studies. With the neural networks, I have created demand forecasts, where both technical and economic understanding is important.

During the master thesis I also had the opportunity to meet the Head of Purchasing Metals and Raw Material Burkhard Schulte. With his tips for my professional future, I could once again fill up with extra motivation and work on the master thesis with a fresh breeze. The advice remains in the back of my mind that sometimes it can be useful “not to shoot with 100 paint guns, but also sometimes a few paint guns are sufficient”. For me, that stands for focusing on the task of achieving the best possible result with high quality standards without over-engineering. This also helps me to focus on my tasks now.

Since my passion continues to be mobility, I applied for a permanent position at Continental after completing my studies. Much to my delight, I am in a department responsible for the development of software tools for engine development. I’m currently working as a software engineer, inter alia on the topic of embedded systems. One of my first tasks is to migrate development projects to a new platform – which is used worldwide by over 1,000 developers across different business units. For the first time, I am in such a hardware-related area and get very good support from the whole team and my mentor, Max Riepl. Through years of experience, Max has the expertise to promote me and also to demand the understanding of me as a career starter. Happy me. 🙂

I can only motivate young people to get involved during their studies and to immerse themselves in different areas. During my time at Continental, I have learned to accept offers and opportunities and never give up, even though there are challenges along the way that need to be mastered. Now I know, how much pleasure I enjoy at Continental, being open to new tasks and continuously developing myself. For me, there are still many things that I would like to try and realize and I’m curious what the future holds ready.


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