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Hello, I am Johanna and I am a dual student at Continental. I have been studying business administration since September 2018 and am currently working in the HR Communications Germany department, which is responsible for both internal and external communications within Germany, and the reason why I am writing a blog article.

Today I would like to tell you how my journey at Continental began. Long before I graduated from high school, I had already decided that I wanted to do a dual course of study because it would give me much more variety and new insights into what I could expect after my studies. But I didn’t yet know which company I wanted to work for.

The idea came to me at the “Ideen Expo 2017”, where my mother accompanied me, hoping to make a technical profession appealing to me. Although I wasn’t enthusiastic about any MINT course, I got very excited about Continental.

I was given a warm welcome at the exhibition stand so that I immediately felt at ease. It wasn’t just the comfortable sofa, but the friendly employees who answered all my questions about Continental as well as the training and study opportunities. Finally, they showed me how to apply, which I did afterwards. Now it was quite clear where I wanted to study!

A few weeks after I submitted my application, I was invited to take an on-site test at Continental in Hanover. In October 2017, I was also invited to the Assessment Center. Together with 5 other applicants, I was scrutinized in various individual and group assignments. Nevertheless, it was fun to participate in the assessment center. One day later I had the confirmation. I still had to pass my finals, but I for sure had enough motivation!

In September 2018 I got to meet the other students at Continental. In our class we are 13 business administration students. After a short introductory phase in the company, the first semester at the Leibniz FH, which is an academy in Hanover, started. Basically, our studies are divided into blocks, so that we alternate every 3 months between phases at the academy and at and work in the company. After the theoretical phase, we started our first practical phase in January. I was assigned to the Demand Planning at Conti Tech. Here we were always in close contact with the plant workers and the products, which was extremely interesting.  Subsequently, the second semester then began.  Having written our exams for the second time, we went back to work – you get how it works. 😉

But even my second practical phase is coming to an end soon.  Those three months simply pass far too quickly.  I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank all those with whom I have worked over the last few weeks. I really enjoyed coming to work.

With our business studies we can go into so many different areas and departments that the choice is difficult for me.  Sales, marketing, finance or HR – it’s huge!  For the first practical phase, we were assigned to a department, but generally we can always express wishes regarding the departments we want to get to know. 😊 Next year we are going to be working abroad, for which we are looking for a department at another Continental location – we have more than 50 countries to choose from.  I don’t know where I want to go yet, but maybe I’ll get to know South America like that.

I’m very happy that I get to do my studies at Continental and I don’t regret my decision at all.  Not only have I made great friends and enjoy my work, but I learn learning new things every day, get lots of opportunities and a variety of impressions.

I also moved to Hanover at the beginning of the year.  To commute an hour every day was exhausting.  Together with a friend, I now live in a shared flat.  Meaning that you can also enjoy your life as a dual student – it doesn’t just consist of work and university!

I am looking forward to the second year of my studies and the next phases: the next theory phases, new departments, working abroad… it will remain exciting!




Hi, I'm Johanna and a dual student in business administration at Continental since 2018.

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