Peter and Pavel are identical twins who studied the same high-school, university and now work in the same department in manufacturing plant in Brandýs, Czech Republic. Read their story to find out how they both ended up in Continental.

Peter: It’s funny thinking about how we first started working for Continental. Our father is a washing machine repairman and one time he was fixing a machine for one of Conti employees. Dad started bragging about his two boys studying the same high school, how they are always playing with electronics. So this person recommended Continental for a summer job and that’s how we spent part of our summer during our second and third year of school.

Pavel: Now thinking about it, we should find out if the person is still working there and thank him.

Peter: We really liked our summer experience and after we both graduated high school neither of us was sure about going to university. We considered working for Continental full-time for a while. But in the end, we both decided to continue our studies. And I guess it was not a surprise to anyone that we studied the same specialization at Czech Technical University in Prague. The studies were pretty difficult so we lost touch with Continental for a while but as we were close to graduating, we worried about missing job experience.

Pavel: Because we still had some contacts in Brandýs, it was easy to reconnect with Continental again and we both spent one semester there as interns.

Peter: This is one thing that I like about Continental, the internships. The company has been focusing on this and it’s getting better year by year. There are now many opportunities for students to get some work experience and explore what they like. We spent our high school summer jobs at Conti with analysis technicians and PCB (printed circuit board) repairmen while during the university internship we both worked in the labs. Having this multiple experience helped us realize what we like and what we want to do. Now, we work closely with our local HR and attend job fairs where we can share our personal experience with students.

Pavel: For a few years, we both worked as Test Engineers, in the same office, basically sitting next to each other. I particularly enjoyed building supporting hardware modules for our testing devices. For that, you need electronics and software knowledge and I think the studies at the university really paid off. Sensors, microelectronics, the theory of PCB, all of these are things we studied and now work with daily. Besides that, what made our start much easier was great support from all our colleagues.

Peter: Exactly, if you are not sure about certain things, the team is there for you. You have countless chances to learn something new, practically every day. You can specialize in one technology field, or you can try several until you find the right one. Or, as in my case, you can accept a challenge and become a teamleader. That’s why we are no longer sitting in the same office, but we are only one flight of stairs away – so we see each other pretty much every day.

Peter: I think I can speak for both of us when I say we are currently happy where we are. As true twins, we both have small baby boys, so we are now focusing on our families and don’t plan to make any big changes in our careers.

Pavel: I agree, the family is important. But Continental offers many career possibilities, either in Czech Republic, or abroad, so maybe one day we will make a big step and move to another country – most likely together.

2 thoughts on “Nothing Can Separate These Two: a Story of Electronic Twins

  1. Good to read the journey of twin brother, moreover the organisation is taking care of interns also and offer job for them at right time.
    I also loves the machines and many times i have been fixed it without having knowledge whereas i had landed in accounting field and enjoyed a lots while serving and resolving customer problems and issue in accounts and it helps the organisation to retain them.
    It helps to grow the organisation as for generating new customer cost is too high vs to retain the old unsatisfied customer and convert them to satisfied customer along with the new ones thru them.

    1. Hi Narendra,
      Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your story.
      Take care & best regards,
      Svitlana, Continental Career Team

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