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My Name is Laura Gellersen. I started my apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory technician in August 2013 at ContiTech in Hamburg-Harburg. Since then, I´ve been working in the analytical laboratory.

My colleagues and I are humorously called “The A-Team”. We’re responsible for a variety of different test methods. In addition to the daily incoming goods inspections, we’re constantly faced with new questions and requirements from our clients. Sometimes this job can get tough, especially when there is time pressure. But together we can manage most of these difficult tasks. I’m happy to be part of such an effective and harmonious team.

Teamwork is one of the most important skills in my job, as well as in my favorite hobby!

I started playing flute when I was approximately 11 years old. One year later I became a member of the youth orchestra which is a section of our local brass orchestra (Blasorchester MTV Salzhausen). At my first rehearsal I was too overstrained and too shy to even play a note. There were so many things to consider and rules to follow. How should I look to the conductor and to my music sheets – simultaneously!? What means “ritardando” or “diminuendo”? And the trumpets are soooo loud, I couldn’t even hear the other flutes playing. The conductor of the band bolstered me up “Don’t lose courage! Just play the notes you know and follow the others as good as possible. Things getting better – you will see!”

And the things got better – thanks to the help and patience from all the other musicians! I continued to practice. I went to the rehearsals regularly and after three years I could switch from the youth orchestra to the brass orchestra.

Being a member of an orchestra has shown me that it is absolute worthwhile to keep working on yourself.

Laura Gellersen

Laura Gellersen

I work as a chemical laboratory technician at ContiTech in Hamburg-Harburg. My favourite hobby is playing flute in the orchestra in my hometown Salzhausen.

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