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During my internship at Continental Singapore in summer 2018, I was working in an innovation unit to explore business possibilities for Continental in future mobility ecosystems!

My previous experiences and current activities have always been characterized by interdisciplinary challenges. I studied Management and Technology at TU Munich, Germany and will commence my academic life at ESMT Berlin to learn more about Innovation Management.

Before joining Continental, I was able to see innovation projects from different perspectives – as a digital consultant and in the startup environment. Consequently, to gain a new perspective, I was looking for a role within a global, diverse and dynamic technology corporation – such as Continental and I was very excited to get the opportunity to work on innovative topics around future mobility ecosystems in one of the world’s leading smart cities – Singapore!

My unit here – Interior Systems and Technology (I S&T) – works on developing and delivering innovative products and services to the market, like the Park&Go @SG system (App in Singapore to provide real-time parking lots). When I joined in June 2018, there was just a new topic coming up which was focusing on the future of mobility. In other words, it was about creating future mobility ecosystem scenarios for different smart cities. This ranged from intermodal transportation infrastructures, mobility-as-a-service operations to new modes of vehicles like flying cars and how all of this is connected. I expressed my interest in the topic and got assigned to work on it.

The project is characterized by a high level of uncertainty, as no one knows how the future mobility ecosystem will be characterized and what challenges the different stakeholders will face. However, it holds high potentials to deliver new kinds of value to new customers. Hence, the project was a perfect example for an innovation project! Due to the fact that the project was just starting when I was beginning my internship, I got the chance to shape it from the very beginning and learned in depth, how to actually structure, manage and execute an innovation project. Firstly, we had to ask ourselves questions about how to approach and understand a topic like that, to ultimately describe business possibilities for Continental.

I highly appreciate the great level of trust and responsibility that has been assigned to me from the first day forward. I felt like a fully integrated part of the team and I can now see, how my work and ideas are a fundamental part of the project! I globally got in contact with many people from Continental and beyond, and everyone was very excited about our work. I even got the chance to present our results as a keynote speaker at a Continental conference (even though my internship ended by that time). These results include a description of how a future urban mobility ecosystem is characterized (vehicles, infrastructure and operations) and which aspects of this ecosystem could be focused on.

In retrospect, this internship at Continental Singapore perfectly matched my objectives and hopes. I learned a great deal about how to navigate in a global corporation, how to structure and execute innovation projects and how to communicate insights throughout a company!

I really enjoyed the productive work with my colleagues and would like to thank all of them!


Nikki Lin

Nikki Lin

Hi! My name is Nikki. I've been with Continental Automotive since 2011 as HR Business Partner of Instrumentation & Driver HMI. Other than being a Business Partner, I’m also responsible for the location’s Employer Branding and Recruitment matters. It has been a challenging and exciting experience working with the Company. I’m given ample opportunities to work on different projects and interact with people from all over the world. I’m looking forward to utilize this platform to share about my experience in Continental Singapore.

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