I am Theresia, Plant Manager Assistant at Continental Vibration Control in Changshu, China. I guess what is special about our location is the distinctive team spirit. To strengthen our team work we also meet up outside the office. Whether it’s a game of soccer or a shopping trip, we even organize activities after work. This includes our oldest employees as well as our youngest. These social activities are a particularly good opportunity for new colleagues to get to know the team quickly.

Our Branch Manager’s door is open to everybody – and it does not always have to be about work. Staff know that they can trust him and talk to him openly about any problems. Nobody is alone – we all work together as a team and respect each other. Even the hardest of tasks can be managed if you have colleagues you can rely on. This is a major benefit in Changshu.

Naturally, there are also always difficult times, for example, when the pressure is on to bring new orders. However our team sees challenges such as this as a turning point rather than something negative. Our engineers modify the design of products again and again to reduce weight. Our colleagues from Purchasing relentlessly negotiate with suppliers, Process Technology constantly thinks about new solutions and our Sales team keeps in close contact with the customer to ensure the optimal solution is provided. We have often prevailed against our competitors thanks to a huge amount of passion, perseverance and team spirit.

These successes will continue to motivate us in the future. In Changshu we always stick together and look for solutions. This is because we are one family and we recognize that changes always bring about opportunities.

Finja Ostermann-Emden

Finja Ostermann-Emden

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