As part of my integrated degree program at Continental I had the possibility to spend one day with the district manager of the area around Cologne and Bonn. I arrived the night before so that we were able to start the day very early in the morning and visit as much and as different customers as possible.

Thimm, Jennifer

Our first stop was a small Volvo truckcenter. We talked with the only purchaser there and even had the chance to look at some of his vehicles. The next stops of our route were at a trucking company, a Mercedes- and a Vergölst-branch and at a commercial vehicle dealer. At each place we visited I spoke to different people and could ask as many questions about their work as I wanted and always got very interesting insights. While on the street I also had much time to get to know a lot about the work as a district manager. The most important fact I learned has clearly been about the significance of personal contact. Decisions are made by people and therefore it’s not only about the product, but first of all about the relationship between people.

All in all it has been a very interesting, but also very exhausting day!

Jennifer Thimm

Jennifer Thimm

I'm 22 years old and part of an integrated degree program at Continental.

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