Thierry Wipff sometimes has a bit of an issue with his employees: “They work when I sleep, and they sleep when I work,” he says, laughing. As Head of  Manufacturing  for Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires, the Frenchman is namely responsible for eight plants that are scattered across the globe.

Thierry Wipff,
Head of Manufacturing Commercial Vehicle Tires

And Wipff has a vision: “I would like all the production locations to pull together, exchange experiences, and learn from one another.” Mutual communication among the different locations is very important to him. He himself also likes to walk through the plants and talk to people. He calls his method “walk and talk.”

At the start of his career, Wipff wasn’t sure whether he could feel enthusiastic about commercial vehicle tires. “Today,” he says, “I understand why our employees have such a passion for commercial vehicle tires. We make tires that we can be proud of.”


You can watch his video here.


Susanne Melcher

Susanne Melcher

Rubber sticks. This is an old saying among tire people. And it's true, at least in my case. I rejoined Continental in 2006 and this time I intend to stay. I am right where I want to be: Communications Commercial Vehicle Tires.

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