I have learned alot of new things while organizing the Vergölst annual convention 2014. When I first heard that I should organize the convention including an evening event, I was a bit surprised. So much responsibility in the first year of training? It wasn’t a problem here!

After my colleague Mr. Petry has talked about the first steps with the event agency and my boss Mr. Liebsch, I slowly took over the organization. There was no longer than 4 weeks to go and a lot of work to do. In appointments with my boss, the event agency and my colleague we discussed a detailled plan for the event from the layout for the menu cards to a special game for the annual convention.

We have sent out more than 450 invitations and got about 380 acceptances. During the time of organizing the event my desk looked really bad (I hope my boss won’t read this 😉 ).

As a small highlight of the annual convention we have planned a game, the “Vergölst Wissensrallye 2014”. The challenge was to answer 48 questions about Vergölst as fast as possible. The difficulty was that there was just one right route from question to question of which we have deliberately created a small disorder :-). The Game was hard to structure and planning took most of the time . Questions had to be found and to be reviewed. The questions had to be structured. Wrong questions had to connect consciously with wrong routes. Right answers had to follow right routes and so on.

One of the question location
One of the question locations

The aim of the game was to show the variety of Vergölst through questions of all departments. Additionally we have integrated four different information desks, so called “Workcafés”, into our game. There the participants had to prepare different topics as a team. Another small surprise for me: I had to explain the game in front of the 380 participants. As the “Wissensrallye” took place the first time and because it was my first time to speak in front of such a big audience, it was an exciting task!

I have learned a lot through the organization of the annual convention! You should look at such an event from different perspectives to avoid unexpected situations. You have to think of so many things at a time, luckily I am a structured person.

In my next post I will introduce you to the winners of the Wissensrallye!

Marco Gerstenberg

Marco Gerstenberg

I started working for Vergölst/Continental as a participant of a dual study program business administration in Hanover, Germany, in August 2013. Vergölst is assigned to ContiTrade and is a trading company for tire and car services with more than 300 branches in Germany. It is very special for me to be a blogger and I'm excited to give you some impressions of my work. If there is something I want to share with you, I'll let you know! :-)

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