Hi there, my name is Delia Van Buchendroder. I’m in charge of the technical lab at the ContiTech plant in Uitenhage, South Africa. Uitenhage is located near Port Elizabeth on the Indian Ocean. It’s a town where the car industry is strongly represented. Since the integration of Veyance two years ago, our 26,000 m² plant has been part of Continental.


Our 150 employees manufacture conveyor belts and drive belts. Our plant mainly serves customers in Africa, although we also supply ContiTech plants around the world. In Uitenhage we’re proud of our social engagement. All of us, blue-collar and white-collar alike, are convinced that we have to help those members of society who are less fortunate than us. Right now we are pushing for a daycare center for children to be re-opened.
We are great believers in supporting one another, which is one reason why we decided to write a song about our values – the Four Value Song.

We haven’t been part of Continental for very long, but we really identify with the four values of Trust, Passion To Win, Freedom To Act, and For One Another. We wanted to bring these values to life in our own special way, through music. So we went ahead and founded the ContiTech choir. It’s a picture of diversity, just like our workforce. The choir includes women and men, from their mid-twenties to their mid-fifties, machine operators, shopfloor staff, people from accounts, health and safety officers – anyone can join.

Vier Werte Song_1

The song was written by our colleague Starzo. My favorite lines are: “You will make it. We will make it” and “Be the dreamer of your dreams” – they really create a sense of team spirit and For One Another; a sense that together we can make a difference. It was great to have the opportunity to record our song in a professional studio. It was an instant hit with our colleagues. Everyone was singing it to themselves and that created a brilliant atmosphere. I hope that after being welcomed into the secure and future-proof structures of Continental, through our Four Values Song we can maybe give something back.

Delia Van Buchendroder

Delia Van Buchendroder

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