What happened until now? Six adventurous adrenaline junkies found together to not only explore their limits, but also the stunning country of India, home to one seventh of the worlds population. Driving in nothing more than what reminds me of a sardine can – so-called motor rickshaw.  For two weeks we are going to race across India, 3500km from Sholling to Cochin.

20290768516_33aa06ac19_bThree out of the six crazy young men are part of Continental, currently crossing off the last days of the countdown in their calendar. Spreading the news of such an event and introducing another way of spending one’s holidays has created high interest in my working environment. People who I have previously greeted with a simple ‘Hi’ in the hallway, I am now getting into conversations with; referring to the upcoming challenge. They are curious about the project and sometimes develop more excitement than myself. Once more, I am positively surprised by the vibe that is carried on in the company and the personal interest in each other, which goes far beyond work relations.

One week down, towards the kick-off of THE adventure, we are not only facing some kilometers ahead of us, but also some fundraising activities; up until now 2651€ have been donated through our website towards the Luftikus foundation. We are very thankful for all the donations made so far and look forward towards many more to come. We set ourselfes the goal to raise 15 000€ for the charity foundation Luftikus e.V. The money is used to make life more enjoyable for those of us, who don’t have the chance to go on such adventures and for those of us who have to deal with more elementary challenges every day.

In the past weeks, Torben and Chris – two of our team members – have visited the official opening ceremony of the newly refurbished appartment complex for children relying on artificial breathing. 10 thankful children are now able to move into their new home. Further donations will be used to make up the old barn into a new adventure park.

The old barn. Still to be transformed into an adventure park.
The old barn. Still to be transformed into an adventure park.
Progress on the Appartment Complex. The new home is ready to be moved in.
Progress on the Appartment Complex. The new home is ready to be moved in.

As we are approaching the departure, we and potential doners are getting more creative about fundraising.  This week, I am informing my department colleagues about the event over a lunch invite. Furthermore, we are counting on the group donations from the R&D Tires Trainee Pool. Two friends of us are taking it even further and are willing to donate 200€ each if Shek and myself wear their faces, printed on t-shirts, during the run and on one day in the office. Consequently, creativity has no limits and you, dear reader, are also invited to support the initiative of Luftikus e.V. through our website: coolrunningsindia.de/en. Depending on the donated amount, you get different things in return. Starting with simply putting your name on the Rickshaw and ending with becoming an official sponsor, advertised with your logo on our website.

While we are doing last preparations you can stay tuned, await our latest news on our website and follow us, while being on the road.

Your Team CoolRunningsIndia

Paul Naglatzki

As a young professional I am happy to contribute to People@Continental and give a subjective inside on my day-to-day worklife, which tends to leak into and enrich the time outside of the office.

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