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I have been a passionate member of the Continental workforce for seven years now. Over the years, there have of course been good times and not quite so good times, stressful as well as relaxed days, gripping tasks and not quite so interesting ones. But my job has always been exciting, with no two days ever being the same! I would therefore like to take a look back at my year here in a somewhat different way. Today, I would like to use four examples to illustrate how I have experienced the much-cited Continental values in my working life. Let’s get started…

Passion To Win


I felt this value very strongly this year – particularly at this year’s Continental Student Day, when we worked together as a team to make the impossible possible. We got a huge project on the road in record time. At 13 locations, we presented ourselves to over 1,000 students as an attractive and, I think, a very nice employer. We broadcast the results of the Continental student survey to all locations by webcam, more or less in passing, and presented our new employer brand to the public. Great challenges were overcome with even greater commitment. More Passion To Win would hardly be possible! So I would just like to take this opportunity to say a big “thank you” to all those involved!

Freedom To Act


I’m a fan of soccer, so our World Cup project was this year’s top event for me, bar none. As I’m sure you all know, Continental was also an official sponsor at the World Cup in Brazil – and we used this for our employer branding activities, too. The unique aspect here was that we had considerable Freedom To Act in developing and implementing the employer branding measures. Whether a kick-off event with student trainees, public viewings at universities, or a global marketing campaign with trips to Brazil for the World Cup as the main prize, our ideas were implemented almost entirely as we conceived them. Once again, a huge compliment to the team because courage, an eagerness to make decisions, and commitment are required in order to achieve a great deal when we have a lot of Freedom To Act.


Social media is becoming increasingly important for people’s careers, too. Once again, the tasks became more challenging and diverse this year. The strategy has been revised, the new employer brand implemented, and further channels have gone online. Several issues have been discussed and planned within the team, but quick decisions are required in many situations – particularly in the field of online communication. Without Trust in the team’s expertise, we could not have maintained the necessary speed. Trust and reliability were therefore of fundamental importance for the success of the team as a whole.

For One Another


And when things get exciting, it’s important to remember that work is certainly not the be all and end all! I therefore took one month’s parental leave this year to spend some time with my son and support my wife as she returned to work. In organizing this exciting time, and creating a good atmosphere during my absence, my team’s support was essential: Tasks were taken on as a matter of course or delegated to the correct places. Problems were solved and challenges overcome. An outstanding example of team work and a spirit of For One Another in the team!

Tobias Bog

Tobias Bog

I'm at Continental since 2009 and deal with the topics of HR and communications. More specifically, I am using various channels to show people the great career opportunities at Continental. If you have questions, please contact me. I'm happy to share my impressions and experiences with you.

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