My name is Allison Markaity and I am currently finishing up my last year at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. I am an Operations Management major specializing in Supply Chain Management. Beginning in April of 2018 and ending in April of 2019, my position title here at Continental was Advanced Purchasing Intern. A little over a year ago in the Winter of 2018, I began applying for internships as I wanted real world experience in my field of studies before I graduated. I applied to several companies, one being Continental. I ended up getting an interview at Continental a few days later and following my interview, knew this was the company I wanted to work for. During the interview, my supervisor said to me “we are here to help you learn and grow just as much as you are here to help us.” This stuck out to me as he made it clear that while I was there to assist them with any work they needed, they were just as much invested in helping me learn and grow during my time here.

Since it was my very first internship, I started out being very intimidated. I was excited, but also not sure what to expect.  My first few weeks here I was nervous, but everyone made me feel so welcomed. My supervisor took me out to lunch on my first day and ate with me for a week or so after that to make sure I felt comfortable. He also was sure to introduce me to everyone and made sure I got a tour of the building. As time went on I started to feel more and more comfortable. I was progressively getting more tasks and learning so much!  While I was nervous about how I was going to manage my time, as I was still a full-time student, my supervisor was very understanding allowing me to have a flexible work schedule that enabled me to balance my internship with my school work- which I was very appreciative of. While at times it could get stressful, having good time-management skills was key.

During my time here, I learned the importance of asking questions and being ambitious. This is an essential thing to do in order to increase your learning and overall experience. It is important to be confident and don’t be afraid to voice your opinions or ideas. Everyone is here to enhance your experience and make it as valuable as it can be! Continental employees really do live by their core value “for one another.” I have learned so much from the people I’ve worked with during my year here at Continental, I could go on forever. My experience at Continental is something I will never forget. I will take everything I have learned and carry it with me forever as I continue on with my career.


Advanced Purchasing Intern in Auburn Hills, MI.

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