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I first met Cristina in a morning rush. I was hurrying in the shopfloor area to complete some tasks I was facing some issues with. Seeking for help, I was asking the first woman I saw  and without her hesitating, I got it, just like that.  No excuses or a “hold on!”. I just received a straight forward answer, plus an “I’m here when you need me”. All this next to a candid smile.

However, there is more to the woman I just talked to. Besides her heartwarming and goal oriented character, she is also the mother of a champion, apparently a common characteristic  within the family. May I introduce:

The mother of Alexandru Cristian – World Champion in Karate Ashihara – Cristina. who outsmarts Continental challenges since she joined 4 years ago. She is working as an operator and is  living our values as Shop Floor Leader, in one of the most jovial team I met in the plant – the VW-Audi cluster. She seems to follow high standards at home, too. That caught my attention and I wanted to know how she handles all of that, so I nosed around.

She is the proud mother of a son who is writing history in martial arts in Romania. Ever since he was only 10 years old, Alexandru Cristian got the ‚world champion’ title several times  in Ashihara, in all levels. He became Number One on the national board during the very first year of practice and he got the 3rd place in the World’s Championship in Hungary. When he turned 14, he climbed the podium for the World Champion title in Brasov. He does not plan to quit his kimono, so next month we keep our fingers crossed for him, because he is fighting for a new world champion title in Kumite and Kata, in Kazahstan.

Getting started seems easy, you just need the thought ‚I wanna do karate!’ But in reality, it is anything but easy. Not by far so simple. Daily practice for Alexandru and time management juggles for Cristina, who knows the spirit and the energy in sports from her own experience since she practiced gymnastics for 14 years in the past. Despite all the running due to the job, the Mosoiu family did not lose any competition. Moreover, Cristina is actively involved in organizing the contests. ‘The competition is on tatami. The rest of the time… we are all like a big family’ she said behind the smile and I grasped, because I know the good spirits of the team she leads.

-I couldn’t help but notice the transfer of the values from her private life to the Continental community. The Passion to Win goes only with an active life and every score has its cost.-

Is it complicated? Verily! But is worth it? No doubt, it is! Or, as Cristina would say, ‘I do what I love, no matter how hard it is. The rest doesn’t matter. In life, if it’s not like that you better quit.”

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