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Thorsten, how did you come to Continental? How did it all start?

I’m at the Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group, a subsidiary of Continental, since September 2014. I studied dual engineering with the focus on wood and synthetic technologies. Now I’m working in the business unit Residential Concepts as a product manager.

What are your tasks here?

One of my tasks is the mentoring of the portfolio of furniture films. I act as kind of an interface between the sales department and the technical sector while I help to expand the product portfolio or to create new collections. Another responsibility is the product portfolio of our films for the ship industries. I’m responsible for the application technology and the product management.

What do you like most?

I especially like the balance between the technical and commercial tasks and problems. Furthermore, I like the external work and the diversity of my daily work with my team.

What cannot be missing on a typical working day?

Fun at work as well as tasks and problems that have to be done with much creativity and concentration. Coffee cannot be missed, too.

Telephone conference or meeting?

Meeting – I prefer to see my colleagues/ meeting partners face to face. I also think  that telephone conferences with many participants are more difficult.

Beach vacation or active holiday?

Definitely: active holiday! I can’t just hang around! And if I want to do that, what would I need holiday for? I could do it at home as well.

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