I really love December, not only because of the summer weather, vibe in the air, but because it’s the season of sharing and caring.

Yes, in South Africa there is no snow at Christmas time, so locals can only dream of  a ”white Christmas”. Although there are marked difference with the rest of the world, the celebrations and festive spirit are the same.

During the festive season all the children are on a month long break from school and many people take this time off from work. Most people celebrate Christmas day outside in their backyards having a braai (barbeque), down at the beach or anywhere they can be together with family and friends.

On the Christmas Eve most people go to the main shopping centre to watch the singing of carols and  on Christmas day we go for the morning church service. My colleague hosts the annual luncheon at the church, where the kids re-enact the story behind Christmas day. Everyone is involved in the production and the fundraising intitiative.

christmas ballerinas         Church Deco

In the office the settings are no different. We have year end functions within the different departments, we reflect on the ending year and strengthen relationship outside the workplace. The pine tree has also been set, as we will exchange gifts on the 13th December before everyone goes on holiday. This is followed by some of our favourite snacks, such as biltong, boboties, samoosas.

Below are some of the photos we took last year.

Office Christmas Party
Office Christmas Party

The Operations department

Khululwa and Thuli
Khululwa and Thuli

We are all excited that this day is coming closer and we will share it with our loved ones.

From everyone in South Africa : “We wish you all a Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year !’

Thuli Kure

Thuli Kure

Sales Admin Co-ordinator based at the Port Elizabeth plant.

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