Mei Qing

To drive learning and empower our people, in 2016, Continental Singapore first rolled out “Singapore Employee Development (SEED) Program” for our talents. SEED is a 12 months program initiated by HR and sponsored by our Senior Management Team. We gather employees from different departments, creating a Task Force to work on location’s critical business topics. Hear firsthand from one of the participants in the pioneering batch, Lim Mei Qing, Principal Designer – Interior Systems & Technology.

“The SEED program was well planned and I learned a lot in project activities. I truly felt privileged to be part of the pioneering SEED team. It is a program where we brought motivation, ideas and creativity into the project we embarked on.

The program was a fantastic platform for me and my team members, we benefited greatly from the understanding of different business functions through crosscollaboration, networking and exposure.

 My SEED Team in 2016

It empowered us to share our individual expertise and knowledge, and in due course strengthen the team dynamics through various team settings. It was interesting to churn out fresh ideas but yet challenging to make it feasible.

SEED was a one year program which strengthen my awareness for improvement and identified areas for development. It was indeed a valuable and beneficial experience for me to be part of the SEED team.”

With this article, we wish 2018/2019 SEED members all the best in their journey and we look forward to hearing your exciting takeaways.


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