So a few nights ago I joined other concerned parents at my daughter’s high school. We were there to hear a panel made up of various representatives from Homeland Security, local law enforcement, the social media industry (Facebook), and a local news/sports personality (only 24 years old), and to raise our awareness about social media. Given my less than savvy understanding of the whole craze, I wanted to get some tips to ensure my kids are safe from creepers, cyber-bullying, or inappropriate photos that go in their “permanent record” for any prospective admissions counselors, employers, or spouses to see any time in the future.

Besides addressing those key safety concerns, I also learned some essentials that are even applicable to the use of social media in the workplace, like our ConNext tool.

  1. Social media is here to stay – it is like many other technologies when first introduced, though the rapid growth in the acceptance of this technology is unlike other technology introductions.
  2. Like so many other things, the use of social media can be used for good, or can be abused. However, the benefits of sharing news & knowledge, keeping in contact, expanding one’s network, etc. seem to far outweigh the risks.
  3. The “persona” you create in social media should be an accurate reflection of the real you, and you should be sharing things that would not be embarrassing if your grandmother were to see them.
  4. By leveraging the security preferences and access options, you can limit how much of you and what you share, is able to be seen and by whom.  You can also tailor what and how information comes to you.

ConNextWe all should certainly have less fear of the possible dangers lurking “out there” when using ConNext vs. other forms of more open social media. Hopefully some of the points mentioned above can minimize any other anxiety preventing us from leveraging the ConNext tool more fully.

Safe Surfing!


Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch

I have been with Continental for over 16 years in a variety of Finance related functions. After recently returning from almost 5 years in Mexico, I am now heading our integration efforts for the Automotive group in North America. This not only leverages my prior experiences in working across functions to resolve common issues and drive process improvements, but also offers many new challenges with greater regional and global visibility. I continue expanding my network via different projects, events, and our ConNext internal social media tool. Each day I learn something new about this very dynamic global company that has over 140 years of operations. Hopefully you may benefit from the insights I have gained over my many different experiences.

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