How did I get here?

I joined the IT Graduate Trainee program since last September after I got my master in Business Administration from University of Illinois, USA. Continental is literally my first job ever. Like many other college graduates, I was looking for a challenging and interesting opportunity to start my career. Among all the companies I applied for, Continental eventually became my first option. I knew from my interviews with both IT and business colleagues that I wanted to be part of the team. There was an energetic and multicultural spirit that I found very exciting.

My interview process was very smooth and well thought out by the company. I always got a prompt reply as promised after each round of interview, as well as what to be in the next step. I also did my first group assessment (yes, another first-ever thing in my life!) in the final round, with the other seven candidates coming from all over the States. I imagined a thousand times how stressful the group activity could be, but actually it was quite the other way round. People from Conti always made me feel comfortable and enjoy to talk with. And that feeling still goes on wherever I am working in the company, which I value the most that every job will eventually come down to the people you work with. It also led me to the decision to come to Germany, as a Chinese who has been studying in US, which takes a lot of nerve for a second move. But I never regret that I did it for Conti, and perhaps only for Conti.

What have I experienced?

I still remember the first week being here was, um, pretty much all about getting to know people and…having FUN! We had an amazing kick-off with management introduction, intercultural training, team building (we made a real raft and floated with seven people on it!), bowling night and many other stuff. And this work-and-life balance is always one of the strengths Conti provides to employees.

Picture after floating the raft, taken in September, 2014
Picture after floating the raft, taken in September, 2014

Also, Continental really believes in learning by training, and training by doing on job. I got lots of hands-on experience thanks to the trainee program which is based on half-yearly assignments of rotation. I just finished my first project with Tire IT Infrastructure in Hanover, Germany. The office environment is very friendly and superiors are always looking out for your best interests.

Although I have only been with Conti for a short period of time (you can easily catch someone who has been working here for over 20 years), I have found the company and the people I work with to be great. This is a group of very talented, dedicated and friendly people. And the opportunity to be with them and learn from them is invaluable.

Picture of the trainee group (flight 5), taken in November, 2014
Picture of the trainee group (flight 5), taken in November, 2014

Working at Conti is like being with family; sometimes it does not ever feel like “work”. We all strive for excellence in our personal capacity, as a company and when working with our client.



More about trainee programs at Continental on the career website here or apply now.


Xiaowen Bi

Xiaowen Bi

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