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I live in Kunshan, a town with 790.000 in habitation located 60 kilometers from Shanghai. After work and on the weekends I love riding on my bike. One of the most amazing tours was the ride around the Tai Hu Lake several years ago. We drove the 340 kilometers in only two days. At that time, I would not have been able to finish that long bike ride without the encouragement of my friend and former colleague ShouDongHe. This experience shows me the truth of the proverb: Success belongs to the persevering. It has influenced my whole life since then.

The Lake Tai Hu is the third largest fresh-water lake of China. It covers 2.420 square kilometers. The lake is located between the provinces Jiangsu and Zhejiang and is famous for its so called Taihu stones. That are lime stones with many holes and bizarr forms. The best view above the lake is from the Xihui Park in the city of Wuxi. More than 40 isles dot the lake and houses, geese and duck farms, fish ponds and fruit orchards. The spectacular and tiered landscape makes one feel as if standing before a picturesque sea. Some popular sites along the lake are Turtle Head Isle and Three Hills Isles. The unique and marvelous scenery makes these places very famous. Nowadays, many more attractions have been added by a number of elaborately designed architectures with classic Chinese traditional styles. With so many wonders and marvels, the place has become a fairyland.

Today I am 38 years old and since April 2017 I am working in the Compounding Center Changshu (CCCH) as senior process engineer. I also worked in other compounding plants with more than 15 years compounding experience. I think “Success belongs to perserving” was matched with one of our four core values: passion to win. If we meet some issues in our life and work in the future, we can use this proverb to get more confidence and it can help us to be successful.


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