2013 has started off in the best possible way for the biggest and the most varied production plant of ContiTech India Private Limited – the Conveyor Belt Group. Starting off from January 2013, the production shopfloor has been setting new records every month in the Press production area by giving an output never achieved till date in the history of ContiTech India Pvt.Ltd. A dedicated shopfloor team and the constant support by the operators have made this a memorable start for all of us and a good start to the organization as well.

Sarvanan, Naresh Kumar, Mahesh Chauhan, Umesh Kumar, Sushil Chauhan, Gangaram, VedPrakash and SriKrishna Bhogaraju

As a team, we have ensured to keep the basics right and it has paid rich dividends for us. An important learning that has come out of this entire exercise for all of us is to take the operators into confidence and ensure right planning and material availability at all times. This apart we have strived to maintain a highly flexible operation on the shop floor with dynamic planning that ensures none of the machines in the Press area would remain idle for want of material. Support from the Maintenance department has helped us reduce breakdown considerably and thus optimize our bottleneck process- Press curing.

Dinesh Verma and his team from Quality on the shop floor – Sumit, Rohit and Rahul have also ensured that the quality never goes unchecked and we not only produce belts in required quantities but also maintain the required quality levels and reduce scrap. Challenging times were endured during the month of March 2013 when the intermix went for an overhauling which meant living off the master batches and reduced/strained capacity at the Calender which also meant non availability of material at times. But the team stood up to the challenge and this is exactly where the flexible operating procedure that we have brought in came to our rescue the most.
Critical and challenging times have helped us understand ourselves better and enjoy our work; this is the atmosphere we thrive in. We believe in extending our boundaries and pushing ourselves further in our quest for excellence. The Wrapped Belt division is going to see a lot of changes in the upcoming months with the New Pot curing and Press curing area as well as several other layout changes along with new machines and general process shifts intended to increase productivity and for better ergonomics. Effort is also being made constantly to imbibe 5S and CBS activities to further optimize working and also bring a general change in the mindset of the shop floor to make the atmosphere out there more progress oriented.

This is just the beginning of many wonderful achievements to come and now by digging deeper into core managerial aspects by involving higher levels of Management in the months to come, we strive to lead by example. The Dream Team that we are, we will make working in Wrapped Belt a dream come true to all.

Srikrishna Bhogaraju

Srikrishna Bhogaraju

My association with Continental AG started as an intern with Continental Temic in March 2011 followed by my Master thesis which gave me an entry into ContiTech AG and now I am a part of the ContiTech Management Program. I am currently assigned in India at ContiTech India Private Limited and my daily schedule includes looking into various aspects concerning the overall working of the plant with the main focus being on Development projects apart from Production Planning and Quality improvement. This apart I also look into standardizing the procedures and bringing in effective managerial practices working along with the entire Team here at our Plant in Sonepat, Haryana, India. Now through the People@Continental Blog I wish to connect to a wider audience at Conti and would love to share my experiences and at the same time read the experiences of others at Continental AG.

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