Continental Singapore collaborated with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) on the Insider Series. Together, we offer an exclusive insights about project management in an organisation. This is an unprecedented session facilitated by our Corporate Quality Project Manager, Julian Teo, our participants worked together and engaged in discussions and practical activities.

  Student Volunteers During an Activity

The session starts with a round of self-introduction and thereafter, an activity that gave the students a glimpse of what project management entails. Students were split into groups as they came up with different context for their projects. One of an interesting project that the students came up with was “A Continental Germany Industrial Visit” trip. It’s pretty amazing how the students were able to brainstorm together and identify possible project pitfalls. Through this simple exercise, I observed that the fundamentals of project management could definitely be applied to our daily lives in the future.


      Feedback During Group Discussion

Despite being just a 4 hours workshop, it was enough for me (hopefully the students too) to understand how project management is applied in Continental. Not to mention, this is also a good opportunity for students to network with us. Through these engagement, I am happy to hear the great feedback from the participants and some useful tips on how we can improve our next workshop.

I definitely look forward to participating in future segments of the Insider Series!


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