Yearly, people in Michigan and surrounding states are coming to the Woodward Avenue in Detroit to present their amazing cars ( I’ve never saw so many extraordinary cars! Just check out the picture, they are better than any words!

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I never thought that in the US there is such a huge enthusiasm for cars. During the Woodward Dream Cruise, Continental organized an internal competition for its employees to present their private owned cars. While the lunch break, we marvelled at all the cars. We did talk to the owners to get more about the story behind the cars. I was really surprised, as a colleague told me that he and his son (14 years-old) are competing in the same racing league, and they are travelling together and participating the races.

Check this out!

Private-owned cars of Continental employees


Xinhuan Wang

Xinhuan Wang

Since May 1st, I started as a member of DRIVE - The Automotive Graduate Program with the Powertrain Division. My first assignment is located in the business development department in Dortmund. The tasks are manifold and challenging. Now I’m preparing my delegation to Auburn Hills, Michigan, US. I’m very excited to experience new things and would like to share them with you.

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