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I started my journey at Continental a little over a year ago. But sometimes it feels like it has been much longer. The trainee program is very complex and the amount of experiences I have made make it hard to believe that so much has happened in so little time. Generally, the program covers a period of eighteen months – half of it is spent at the home location and the other half at three different locations.

I started off rotating in the PO Department of the Timişoara plant. This was a perfect introduction to the particularities of the tires industry. It was fascinating for me to discover the production processes. Also, this knowledge built a good base for the rest of my training because I got valuable insights into the functions of market suppliers. The most unforgettable experience for me has been the organization of plant visits with fellow trainees, though. I enjoyed being part of a dynamic and ambitious team, which covered several areas of expertise.

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My next stop was the Romanian Sales Organization. There, I was introduced to the field of logistics and learned how to deal with customers. While being properly trained, I started working on several projects. This period was, by far, the most complex one as I dealt with a large variety of topics. My wonderful colleagues made it hard for me to leave, but their farewell gift is a nice reminder of our time together – a coffee mug with the words ‘there is no greater fun than work’ on it. It has become my favorite!

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Next, I traveled to the Polish Sales Organization in Warsaw. My time there was full to the brim with enriching experiences. I supported colleagues from different departments on multiple projects. Dealing with demand planning, reporting and analysis issues, I got familiar with many of the systems that are being used. This stage of my program was very unique. I did not only make important experiences, but I was also mentored the whole time. I learned how to approach different experiences, which allowed me to make the most of them. As a side note, Warsaw is an amazing City. I took the kind Polish people immediately into my heart and the traditional dishes are just delicious!

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Then, my journey took me to Budapest. Here, my training focused on warehousing and distribution. Every day was a challenge but it was brilliant to see how my colleagues worked together to down each and every challenge that came their way. The logistics team involved me in projects that gave room to my personal development. On the one side, I could expand the skills I already had. And on the other side, I learned things from scratch. I am unable to sufficiently describe the kind and welcoming nature of the Hungarians and I am beyond grateful for their overwhelming support.

So far, I have worked with four teams and have been at three different locations. Contemplating the experiences I have made, I am curious and excited to see what the future holds. Continental has been, is and will continue to be the employer of my choice. They provide support and an environment that allows for continuous individual growth, which is amazing. I love that innovation is a driving force and that the value of teamwork is ubiquitous.

Simona Burta

Simona Burta

General Information: •Languages: English, French •Fields of interest: logistics, statistics, econometrics, research in the field of economics •Hobbies: travelling; swimming, football, thriller/crime/business literature •Committed to: life-long learning, personal and professional development @Continental: •Logistics Trainee, Sales Department - Local Trainee Pool Tires Romania ◦rotation in Timisoara Plant, PO Department (Sept. 2015 - Dec. 2015) ◦rotation in Sales Organization, ICO71 Romania (Jan. - Apr. 2016, Nov. - Dec. 2016) ◦rotation in Sales Organization, ICO20 Poland (May - Jul. 2016) ◦rotation in Sales Organization, ICO26 Hungary (Aug. - Nov.2016) Professional Background: •2014/2015 Internship at Embassy of Romania in France (Paris), Economic Department - topics: research in economics •2012/2014 Volunteer in AIESEC Timisoara, Finance Department - topics: financial management, basic accounting •2013/2014 Independent Financial Advisor at Business Partners Timisoara - topics: physical persons financial management •2013 Internship at BCR Timisoara, Corporate Customers Department - topics: support in daily operations, documents for Corporate responsible Educational Background: •ongoing Masters Dissertation in International Corporate Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, West University of Timisoara •Erasmus experience at Universite Paris-Est Creteil Val de Marne and Institut Gustave Eiffel, Paris (September 2014 - March 2015) •Bachelors in Finance and Banking from Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, West University of Timisoara, June 2015 (Thesis: Analytical Applications of the Cash Flow Statement ~ research model on 100 tech companies quoted on Nasdaq)

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4 thoughts on “‘There is no Greater Fun Than Work’ – Logistics Trainee on the Road

  1. Good luck, Simona. It is great to be part of the team you have worked with.
    I think that what Steve Job said also applies to you: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
    I wish you always stayed so enthusiastic!

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